Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 9th August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

The Episode begins with Happu asking Kamlesh to get down from the stairs and slaps him. He requests that he give his dad Sudarshan’s number. Kamlesh checks his telephone and says I have Rajesh didi’s number. Happu is stunned. Kamlesh says I will tell didi that you meander in the area during the evening. Happu says you are coercing me. Kamlesh says let me proceed to meet Kat. Happu requests that he proceed to descend quick. Happu goes to Beni’s home and thumps on the entryway. Beni is pitiful and doesn’t open the entryway. Happu sits ups and apologizes to him. Beni says here no one remains here and advises that Allahabadi used to remain here, yet Inspector and his better half demolished everything. Happu says you are stating as though I grabbed your home. He says I didn’t rest for 3-4 evenings.

Beni says what you was telling when you was sitting with Rajesh that you won’t kick here. Happu says you don’t have the foggiest idea about that we were isolated because of a connivance and says Amma and Rajesh don’t need us to sit together. Beni turns out and embraces him. Happu says they don’t need us to drink together. Beni says that is the reason I thought how Rajesh is drinking with you. Happu says we never had such a battle. Beni says she is such an astute winged creature and crushed LLB taught me. Happu says it is an affront to winged creature, she is crow. Beni discusses Vimlesh. Happu says he will show a thing or two to Rajesh and Amma. Beni requests that he be cautious and says they are hazardous. Happu says they will recall consistently that they have taken panga with beni’s companion. Beni embraces him.

Happu says now I will get a decent rest, drinks wine from his jug and goes. Kamlesh goes to Kat’s room. Kat says hey. Malaika requests that he state goodnight and leave. Kamlesh requests an answers. Kat asks what is the inquiry? Kamlesh says companions or darlings. Kat says I am befuddled and that is the reason not replying. Malaika calls him mosquito. Kat asks her not to affront Kamlesh. Kamlesh requests an answer from Kat. Kat says I am befuddled. Malaika says this connection is of pilla and malkin. Kamlesh says your sister calling me young doggie? Kat requests that he come tomorrow and says I will get ready for an answer. Kamlesh says alright. Malaika says he is little dog.

Happu is going to Police station in the first part of the day. Karishma comes there and calls him jiju. Happu holds her hand and compliments her magnificence. He requests that her accompany him. Karishma says you have turned out to be joyful. She gets some information about Rajesh. Happu says she is at home and says he is going. Karishma calls Rajesh remaining outside. Rajjo asks did you have a battle with your significant other. Karishma says happu turned out to be inviting with me, says he complimented me from the outset and afterward contacted my midriff. Rajjo says I will end his life. Karishma requests that her leave it and make something. Rajjo says alright.

In the night, Kamlesh comes back once more. Malaika asks Kat what is her answer? Kat says I am confounded. Kamlesh converses with Malaika and says darling man can do anything. Malaika asks would you be able to get beaten and on the off chance that she feels torment, at that point it implies Kat is infatuated with you. Kamlesh says I am prepared to get beaten. Malaika beats him. Kat says I am not feeling any agony. Kamlesh asks Kat. She says I am not feeling any agony. Kamlesh asks Malaika to beat him with power. Malaika hits him against the divider. Kat says I am not feeling anything. Kamlesh says you, Haryana Police, can’t do anything. Malaika breaks her hands. Kamlesh requests that her beat him more and says Kat… Kat.

Happu comes to room and sings melody. Rajjo comes and hits him with cabinet entryway. She says you are flying much high. Happu says you need motivation to battle. Rajjo calls him loccha lafanga. He asks what did I do? Rajjo says didn’t you bother my companion and contorts his hand. She says she will make his liver red. Happu requests that her choose who is asking, a companion or a spouse. Rajjo inquires as to for what reason did you bother her? happu says you had said that you will be with me and will turn into my companion. He requests that her do his setting with Karishma. Rajjo requests that he go from that point. happu says you need to do my setting with Karishma and get her kisses, gives her fellowship guarantees. Rajjo thinks in the event that I don’t do the setting, at that point he will go to Beni’s home. Happu thinks Rajjo went under the mountain now.

Rajjo goes to Amma and says gajab occurred. Amma says again and says ajaz gajab are sufficient at this point. Rajjo discloses to her that Happu prodded Karishma. Amma says I can’t accept this. Rajjo says he held hand on her back and cries. Amma is stunned and says let me think. Rajjo says when I stood up to him, he requested that I do his setting with karishma. Amma requests that her beat him. Rajjo says she was stunned hearing this. Hritik and Chamchi catch them. He says he will make Papa weep for making mummy cry. Chamchi says alright. They go. Rajjo says my stunt exploded backward, presently he is meandering like a free bull. Amma requests that her unwind. Rajjo says mummy and says where to go?

Precap: Happu shares his arrangement with Beni. Rajjo hears them.


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