Happu Ki Ultan Paltan Written Update 4th March 2019

Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 4th March 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Happu and his spouse romancing. Chamchi comes and asks what are you doing. Happu asks her to head, her Dadi is asking her. Chamchi goes. His spouse beats him. He tries to romance and receives interrupted through his mum’s call. His wife says I have to cross and make tea for your mum. He says my mum wakes up at wrong time usually. Amma says just you two people aren’t young, i used to be also young, I awakened at 6 am and didn’t get tea. She takes her Bahu’s class.

Amma scolds Happu and asks him now not to devise 10th infant now, nine kids are already an excessive amount of. Happu gets shy. His spouse Rajjo asks him to go and drop kids to school. A man Kamlesh comes and calls out Cat. A dog barks. Happu gets the youngsters out and asks Kamlesh to drop his youngsters to school. Kamlesh says i will get past due for the

college. Cat comes within the window and greets Kamlesh. He says I came here to drop you to college, however your father asking me to drop your siblings. She says best, go and drop them, i will take hours to get geared up.
Happu sends the kids with Kamlesh. Rajjo insists and says I need to exit. Amma hears them. they have meals. Amma feedback on the food. Ranveer sings a tune. Rajjo asks him to get prepared and cross to school with Ayushman. Ranveer refuses. Happu’s daughter comes and asks for cash to take part in opposition. Amma helps her. Rajjo and Amma start arguing. Rajjo says Happu wants to take me to Agra. Amma ignores this. She gets her brother’s call and says its extremely good, come home, I m lacking you plenty. She says your Mama is coming, keep Agra software later. Happu agrees.

Amma taunts Rajjo. Rajjo says I m very happy that Mama is coming. Happu says I m very glad that Mama is coming. Rajjo receives irritated. He asks what are you saying, you appeared happy outside. She says you inform me, why will i am getting satisfied if Mama is coming. They get arguing. Amma imagines her lifeless husband and argues with him. She asks Happu no longer to take a seat there, her dad is sitting there. Happu greets his dad. She asks Happu to live glad, his Mama is coming. Happu says yes, is it imp for him to come. She asks what do you imply. He says if he doesn’t come, will it’s huge loss for you. She scolds him. She says you and your wife can’t plan any time out. Happu receives in problem.

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Precap Upcoming Happu Ki Ultan Paltan episode update: Rajjo calls her mum home. Amma says i will’t ask my brother not to come back. Rajjo says my mum is coming.


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