Happy Birthday Kailash Kher: Kailash Lives Under The Pressure Of Depression, Inspire, Today Successful Singer

Happy Birthday Kailash Kher: Today is the birthday of famous Sufi singer Kailash Kher on 7th July. They are celebrating their 46th birthday. Kailash, born in Uttar Pradesh’s Meerut district, left home at the age of just 13. However, his passion for music remained from childhood. One day Kailash Kher, who struggled and gave tuition of music to children and cleared himself, took the position that he had ever dreamed of. Let’s know some interesting things with Kailash’s five famous songs –

Kailash Kher has fought a long struggle. The thing happened in 1999 when they were frustrated by all the way and started doing business with one of their friends. There was a lot of loss in business and its effect was that Kailash went into depression. It is said that they thought of going to Suicide. Kailash Kher came to Mumbai after studying in Delhi University in 2001. There was amazing passion for music in Kailash, who struggled with empty pockets and wearing sandal. One day he met music composer Ram Sampat. He gave Kailash a chance to sing some radio jingles and then says that he does not have talent, he only looks for his destination. Today Kailash Kher is not happy with any identity.

Talk of Kailash’s famous songs

Let us tell you that Kailash, who is honored with ‘Padmashri’ for his singing, sang more than 500 songs in Hindi. Apart from this, he has sung in many regional languages. ‘Your Civil’ is one of the popular songs of Kailash. Kailash has his own band called ‘Kailasha’ which performs National and International shows. The album- ‘Like that’ is also a song of ‘Allah’s Bande‘, which is always a song that always fades the fiance of Kailash. For the Kailash Kher, who won the Filmfare Best Singer Award twice, tell this title of ‘Sai’ album as if he is his identity. Last year, in ‘Bahubali 2’, Kailash Kher would have heard you all too. ‘Bam Lahiri’ is also included in his popular songs. Kailash Kher sang together the movie ‘Delhi 6’, the song “Arjunya Sarai” with Javed Ali. This song also became quite popular.

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