Team India’s star all-rounders Hardik Pandya and Natasha Stankovic have recently become parents. Natasha gave birth to a son on Thursday. Hardik shared the photo on social media and gave good news to the fans. Along with the fans, the celebs are also congratulating them both. At the same time, Ali Goli, Natasha’s ex boyfriend, has also written a cute message for Natasha.

She shared a photo with Natasha and wrote, ‘Hey Mummy Ban Gaye Gayi, Congratulations Ho Natasha and Hardik Pandya’. Natasha has also shared this post of Ali on her Instagram Story.

Let us know that on 31 May 2020, actresses Natasha Stankovic and Hardik Pandya had informed about their social media accounts that they are going to become parents. Hardik and Natasha announced the engagement earlier this year. The two married during the lockdown in the country due to the Kovid-19 epidemic.

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The blessing from God 🙏🏾❤️ @natasastankovic__

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During an interview recently, Hardik Pandya told about his first meeting with Natasha. Hardik had said, ‘He had no idea who I am. We came closer by talking. He saw me in the hat where we met. I was sitting at one o’clock in the night, wearing a hat, wearing a chain around my neck, and with a watch in my hand, he thought that there was a ‘different kind of man’. Then we both started talking. Then both of us got to know each other and then we started dating and then on 31 December we got engaged. ‘

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During this time, Hardik also told that he had not told his parents about the engagement. He told that Bhai Kunal Pandya was also revealed two days before the engagement. Hardik had said in that interview, ‘My parents did not even know that I was going to get engaged. I told Kunal Pandya two days ago (by engagement). I told him that I am done now, I have found someone in my life that I love and am becoming a better person than before. The family supported me and told me to do whatever I want to do.


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