Ekta Kapoor, the most successful producer of TV industry, has always been in the discussion for her anger, Ekta herself says that no work in the film industry can be fully showered, delivering shows on the dead line, such as It has to show a little bit of anger.

Hina Khan Is Being Thrown Out Of  From 'Kasautii Zindagii Kay 2' By Insulting And Pushing

People say that Ekta Kapoor , the biggest fan of TV industry , says that she is very dreadful. All the people who work with them shudder in the presence of unity. If someone unity is to finger, then unity takes its revenge. These days, the unity of eyes is on Hina Khan . The unity of Hina Khan in ‘ Kasautii Zindagii Kay 2 ‘ has been very remorseful, because the reason is that Hina has decided to leave the show abruptly.

In the ‘Kasautii Zindagii Kay 2’, Hina Khan has created a storm in the form of a Komolika. In this TV show the TRP is on top of the list due to the clash between comolica and inspiration. The twists and turns coming in the show are very good for the audience, but in the meantime, the big news is that soon Hina Khan will be discharged from the show.

Unity in front of the world, Ekta happily allowed Hina Khan to go from the show, now nobody can bind anybody in today’s world, but Ekta has played a big drama to get Hina out of the show. . If news is to be believed then a show is going to be created in the show, which is pushed out by pushing Hina.

Although Hina Khan herself had announced herself that she will not be shooting this TV show after March and will soon be taking a break for a few months, but Ekta has moved the story in some way to exit Hina, in which Hina Khan, from house to house by saying good and bad, insulted and badly pushed out of the house, i.e. outside the serial.

The track of the show’s story is also visible in this direction. So far you have seen that plans are being played on the plan to remove Komolika (Hina Khan) Anurag and inspiration, while motivation is proving to be wrong for her, but during the same time the return of Moloy Basu Have to be

Actually, due to the accident, Molooy Basu had gone to coma, it will be shown in the upcoming episodes that he has cured, but as soon as the Basu family gets its information, the whole family will reach the hospital. Even though Komolika will try to kill him by reaching the hospital, but he will not succeed in his move.

When Moloy Basu came in sensation, the entire family of Komolika would tell the whole story. After this, the Comolica is going to be beaten out by Basu Mansion. This scene has been shot. It is reported that during the shooting of this scene, Hina had to face the entire team’s show of hatred, though it was a drama, but due to this sudden decision to quit the show, many people in the show were not interested in Hina.

This way of revenge is not new to unity. When the unity in dealing with Naseeruddin Shah during the film ‘Dirty Picture’ is concerned, Ekta has kept the dog named Fakruddin in his film ‘Kyaa Super Kool Hain Hum’ to take revenge. Although unity later clarified that the dog’s name was not kept for this reason.

Hina Khan has started preparing for her debut movie. He will soon be debuting with director Vikram Bhatt’s film. Apart from this, Hina Khan is going to take part in the Cannes Film Festival for the first time. For this, he is quite excited and busy.


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