Hina Khan was shot during the shooting of Kasautii Zindagii Kay show in Kamlila. It is worth noting that they did not realize this.

Hina Khan's Hand Burnt During The Shooting Of The Show Of Kasautii Zindagii Kay

Actress Hina Khan, who played the role of Comolika in the Kasti Zindagi show, is very popular among the audience due to her superb acting. Whenever Hina Khan is on a show, she gives life to her character.

Recently, Hina Khan was shooting for Kasuri Zindagi’s show. During this, he was so lost in the shooting that he did not know that his hand was burnt.

He was so fussy on his scene, that he did not realize the burning of his hand. Hina Khan shared a photo of her burnt hand through social media.

Hina Khan, along with her acting, is also aware of her looks and fitness bar. Apart from this he also gives time to his family. Hina Khan knows very well about how to make Saturnalan between personal and professional life.

Hina Khan is one of the world’s fashionable actress Fit Sailbes. Please tell that Hina Khan had a neck injury in the neck while working out some days back. After this he continued the work.


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