Hindustani Bhau deleted Chinese TikTok app with 1.5M followers

Hindustani Bhau, who is seen in Bigg Boss, recently deleted the Chinese app TeatTalk from his phone. He had 1.5 million followers on this app. Hindustani Bhau is one of the most popular social media influencers in India. Recently the former contestant of Bigg Boss took a shocking decision by deleting his Tittock account.

‘Hindustani Bhau’ was seen in an IGTV video deleting his Tittock account with 1.5 million followers. Hindustani Bhau did this in support of YouTube Careerity, whose video was removed by YouTube India on the basis of cyberbullying. Despite several appeals from some of India’s biggest YouTubers, the video was not uploaded again. The video was the roast of Tiktokar Aamir Siddiqui, who had earlier targeted YouTubers and so has inadvertently started YouTube vs Tiktok War.

The video made by CarryMinati was on the verge of becoming the most liked non-music video. However, it did not become a milestone due to its removal. Enraged, Hindustani Bhau expressed on Instagram that he was dissatisfied with the action taken by YouTube and Hindustani Bhau deleted his personal TikTok account through IGTV videos in front of all his fans. In the video, Hindustani Bhau also showed that he had 1.5 million followers.

However he mentioned that he does not care much for Ticktock and considers YouTube and Instagram as his family. So Hindustani Bhau deleted his account and uninstalled it from his phone. The entire scene was captured by him and posted on his Instagram page.

It is worth noting that China is also being blamed for the outbreak of Coronavirus and in addition to the Chinese goods, it is being said to delete the Chinese app TickTalk and Zoom.

These days there is a lot of ruckus on social media about TikTok Vs Youtube. First Famous Youtuber LVish Yadav roasted TikTokers by taking out a roast video through his channel. After which Aamir Siddiqui, who has around 3 million followers on TikTok, released a video on his Instagram saying that Tic Talk was better than YouTube and tagged many famous YouTubers in this post. Then what was one after the YouTubers started responding to this video of Aamir Siddiqui.

In this list, the country’s most popular YouTube and roster Carry Minati made a video on TikTokers, which went viral. The video blasted all of Youtube’s records. This video by Carrie Minati aka Ajay Nagar was viewed over 70 million times on YouTube in three days and became one of India’s most liked videos. But Carrie’s record could not be sustained for long and YouTube has deleted the video. Now the reaction of Carrie Minati has come out after YouTube deleted this video.

Cariminati has issued a statement after YouTube deleted a video titled YouTube Versus Ticketcock of YouTube, calling it a violation of the terms. Cariminati said, “It’s hard to accept, but this video will be banned and will not come back.” Sometimes your biggest achievement becomes the easiest target to degrade. At the same time, amidst all this controversy, contestant Hindustani Bhau of Bigg Boss 13 has come in support of Kairi. Hindustani Bhau has deleted the Tick Talk app in support of Cari Minati. Hindustani Bhau aka Vikas Pathak shared a video saying that he boycott Tick Talk. With this, he has also asked his fans to delete it.


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