Hiromi Takano
In the midst of fulfillment as an actress – Photography: Hiromi Takano

Last year’s broadcast drama “Love love ~ You forget me” and ” Theatrical version code blue · Doctor heli emergency life – ” gave a big reaction and furthermore heroine was brought up in a continuous television novel “Scarlet” in late 2019 Toda Erika who decided to serve is exactly as an actress. Such a girl talks about “acting” of actress.

In the latest movie ‘ That day’s organ ‘, Toda performed well at the end of the Pacific War, leader Itakura Kaede, a leader of “evacuated nursery school” which was held to protect children with the risk of life. In the harsh situation where the war spreads, I think about the future of children first, and although it has a calmness, I’m superbly playing “angel maiden” that explodes the feverishness in the game.

Toda celebrated 30 years old last year, but it is amazing to see the improvement in recent years. Every work that came out in 2018 was highly evaluated and impressed strongly “Toda Erika is here”. Although I was showing a look that seemed embarrassed to such evaluation, “It was lucky,” but the direction of opposition to the play has changed significantly compared to before.

“When I was a young man, I could not afford to think that I had to put strength in my efforts without trying hard on a play. I feel like I was confronted with a role to raise my skill. It was my main theme to show different aspects. ”

“I did not have any big chance, but suddenly I had looked back on the origin I adored to this world because I wanted to play a dream because I wanted to play. That dream is the fascination of the story, so after thinking about it, I decided to think of my own ego and not what I wanted to do, but how to express the theme of the work is the most important thing. ”

Then, when Toda engages in the work, he first thought of the theme of the story and thought about how to tell the theme through his own role how to do it. By doing so it will be naturally close to the character and you will be able to express the world of the story firmly.

Toda that “I want to engage in work remaining in ten or twenty years” is strong. Based on historical facts, he paints the people who have struggled to “connect life to the future” among the very severe reality of the end of the Pacific War, and conveys the importance of living as a message. “Of course this work is of course, I’ve met lots of works that I think I’d like to leave”, “Toda told the current fulfillment as an actress. In the second half of this year, he is also playing a big role of morning Dora Heroin, but “I want to enjoy the power of the shoulder, I want to have fun” because it is a long standing showed a soft smile.


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