Hirose Alice & Yuuraku Yuya
Hirose Alice & Yuya Yanagi

Actress Hirose Alice and actor Yuya Yanagi attended the completion display of ” Movie Doraemon Nobita’s Moon Survey Story ” held in Tokyo on 11th, seriously answering various questions by Doraemon.

This work by Nobita ‘s adventure set on the moon is a work that will be the 39th feature length series of animation “Doraemon” feature film series. Hirose and Sei Makoto, as guest voice actor of this work Shoichi Nakaoka ( Rocchi ), Shigeo Takahashi ( Savanna ), Sengetsu Tsujimura who was responsible for the screenplay, and Director Hachiho Shinkuosuke who took the megaphone also entered.

On this day, in the talk session, a question corner from Doraemon to the guest voice actor group was established. From Doraemon, “I have a sister called Dorami, there are times when I have a fight, what is the secret to getting along with my sister?” Hirose says, “I also quarrel a lot.” Why? Does not it record? “But the secret that is a good friend is not to keep fighting for a long time.Puttingly saying, I will finish it off and I am already on good terms.” “I will tell the Dorami” that Doraemon was impressed.

Hirose was asked from Suneo, “Who is this member who wants to give chocolate to Valentine?” As Suneo and Giant desperately trying to get chocolate, she replied “everyone”, and “I feel sorry if there are people who do not have it.”

Rabbit ears are cute!
Rabbit ears are cute!

“Yukari, who is honored to be involved in Doraemon, my favorite since I was a child,” from Nobita, “Where would you like to go if you can do a great adventure with Doraemon and us?” I want to go to Tokyo, please take me next time I want to walk normally. ”

In addition, Hirose asked about the highlight of this work, “The movie is very interesting, I also did gagging, it was content that I really think I love Doraemon,” he said. Furthermore, at the time of the photo session all of them appeared with rabbit ears, and it was boiling the venue.

Movie “Movie Doraemon Nobita’s Moon Survey” will be released nationwide from March 1


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