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As a Nani producer, Vishwaksen is the hero of the movie. Nani is busy acting on one side .. He had his first success with the film. His second attempt was to “hit” a young hero like Vishwaksen. Vishwaksen, who has had success with Phalak Nama Das, as a producer myself, today (Feb. 28), will see how this film has come to the forefront of the audience.

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Vikram (Vishwaksen) is suffering from a disease as he chases the past. Doctor and girlfriend Neha (Rouhani Sharma) advise him to quit his police job. He wants to take a day off work and rest. At the same time a girl named Preeti (Sahiti) misses. Immediately Neha too misses.

What’s that past that haunts Vikram? Who kidnaps Preity? And then why kill? Who is looking for Neha’s disappearance? Who is behind the Preethi-Nehal story? In this story, who are Essai Ibrahim (Murali Sharma), Swapna (Naveena Reddy), Sheela (Hariteja), Abhilash (Srinath Maganti), Rohit (Chaitanya Sagiraju) and Fahad (Ravi Teja)? HIT is the answer to such interesting questions. Palasa 1978 Full Movie Download

Vikram’s performance as an intelligence officer in the crime department begins first with the scenes showing. In the middle of the story he progresses with scenes that recall his past, as well as the psychological distress. Whenever Pretty misses the story, the feeling of speed is growing. Police Investigation makes it possible to sit on the edge of the seat with a narrative about who did what. Neha also misses, and the narrative moves on as the Vikram case, which has been linked to the two missing cases, is hit. Pretty friends, mother-in-law, friends, each suspect. The first one, however, ends with a curiosity about what to do next with a clue.

Investigation begins with a clue found in front of Sheila (Hariteja )’s house. The second twist in the story is provoked by more unexpected twists and turns. Preethi Ammannal, Preeti’s grown-up orphanage Aya Saraswati and her friend Ajayi, is it not? Success caused the suspicion of the audience. Vikram’s capture of the original perpetrator, the twist in the climax, is not imagined. The climax of the unexpected, the second half seems to be getting worse.

Most notable in the HIT film is Vishwaksen, who plays Vikram. Attitude Maintenance to the role of Police .. He acted in his own style. Vishwaksen’s performance in the film is very different from that of Phalak Numa Das. Ruhani Sharma, who was impressed with Chilasou’s performance in the film .. The film was not very pleasing. Her character seems to lack any significance. Ibrahim (Murali Sharma), Abhilash (Srinath Maganti) and Rohit (Chaitanya Sagiraju) were later impressed with the role of Police Officers. The rest of the cast plays Swapna (Naveena Reddy), Sheela (Hariteja) and Fahad (Ravi Teja).

New water is flowing in Tollywood. That seems to be the case now. The style of screening movies has changed. Young directors are experimenting with new stories without being stereotyped. The film is part of the HIT film that opens the Shailesh Pond. Anthony is hooked on the story and story of the finale. Out of nowhere to doubt .. good screenplay breathe and look at the best. Shailesh Pond has proved his talent with the film.

Viveka Sagar is in the technical team for the HIT film. Background score is very important to crime and suspense thrillers. He elevated each scene with his background music in a range. Cameraman Manikandan .. Every scene is pretty. Not to miss every actor’s little gesture. Gary cut the BH editing very cunningly. Somewhere Flow was rather cautious. The production values ​​are down to the cinematic level.

Everyone knows what Nani’s passion as an actor is .. but he has the same passion as a producer. As a producer, Nani seems to be getting HIT. However, crime and thriller are limited to one genre. The extent of their popularity in the Bee and Sea centers is unknown. What range is going commercially?

Vishwak Sen and Ruhani Sharma starrer Shailesh Pond directed film ‘Hit’. The first case is the tagline. The film was produced by Prasanthi Tripuraneni on the wall poster banner of Hero Nani. Did Nani have another success as a producer with this film? Did director Shailesh pose a crime story on the screen? To what extent was Vishwak Sen appointed Crime Investigate Officer? Let’s find out in our movie review.

The Homicide Investigation Team (HIT) is a division of the Crime Investigation Department. Vishwa (Bhanuchander) Head for the hit. Within the Vishwa team, Vikram (Vishwak Sen), Abhilash (Srinath Maganti) and Rohit (Chaitanya Sagiraju) are the most senior and talented officers. Every crime case is easily solved. Neha (Rouhani Sharma) and Vikram work in the Forensic Department. In the process, a girl named Preity is kidnapped in the city. Then a few days later Neha is kidnapped by anonymous people.

Vikram entrusts Vikram with the responsibility of investigating the case. However, all lanes are closed to the case. All those who are prosecuted as part of the case appear to be suspects. But why do Sheila (Hariteja), Shinde (Brahmaji) and E Brahim (Murali Sharma) enter this case? Did Vikram finally solve the case? What happened to Preethi and Neha? Who kidnapped them? Two kidnappers committed one or two? What was that strange disease that the original Vikram had? You have to watch the movie.

Vishwak Sen, who looked like a kuraradi in Manali in the first two films, shines as a serious policeman in the film. In order to investigate a crime case, a police officer has learned all the difficulties, thinking, tension, emotions, and the excitement of falling in love with a girl who has a strange illness. Though the story revolves around the heroine .. Rouhani Sharma is not very popular in acting. Looks good in terms of looks. Hariteja got good character after many days. Sheila, though she is not a character so far, has stepped into the role. Rohit (Chaitanya Sagiraju) who was with Vikram was also impressed with his performance. Bhanuchander, Murali Sharma and Brahmaji have made their roles with their experience. The rest of the cast were impressed by their range.

Vishwak Sen’s film from Nani Production House has huge expectations. While the title of the title, the suspense thriller, is the most anticipated of the film. Director Shylesh does not meet the expectations of the fans, the trust of Nani and the hopes of Vishwa Sen. There are a lot of movies on crime stories .. Investigation is new. The story seems to focus more on the strong crime and investigations scene, rather than focusing on your own. But that’s the main strength of the film. Along with the Investigation Scenes, the heroine’s love scenes and the hero’s past are interwoven to the different screenplay.

From the beginning of the film until the end card is dropped, the audience is eagerly anticipating what the nets will be. In some crime movies, the original culprit is known to the audience, but the hero is eager to capture him. But in the film, the hero and the viewer, who is the original kidnapped, it is worth investigating. But the pre-climax is fine .. The director is a little discouraged with the climax. There is no compelling reason behind this crime case. This leads to the feeling that the graph of the film has fallen once. The average fan would have no doubt that the climax could be ended simply because there was a sequel to the hit.

When it comes to technicians .. Vivek Sagar has done magic with background music even though the songs are not very popular. Cinematography is very new. With Manikandan’s camera work, the spectator often invokes himself in Crime Investigation. Focus on editing. The production values ​​are down to the cinema. Finally, the film is about the climax, except for the movie. Thrilled to be thrilled.


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