Actor Hiten Tejwani shared the video with his Instagram account. In which he is seen with his wife. The scene in the video is of a show.

Hiten Tejwani Shares Romantic Video With Wife Gauri

Actor Hiten Tejwani, who played the first Mittal in the TV show family, shared a Throback video of the show with his Instagram account. In this video he is seen with his wife Gauri Pradhan. Let’s say that Hiten and Gauri met on this show and both of them got in love with each other.

Both of these videos have a romantic scene. This scene of the show has passed a lot of time, but this scene was renewed again in the memories of those fans who both loved chemistry. In Instagram, Hiten wrote in the capsule of this video, when he comes to pick up the first Gauri, but denies it, he knows that he does everything for his unknowing love.

Hiten recently spoke to the Times of India saying that he would not cross the line on screen to shoot an intimate scene, while he could be comfortable in doing romantic scenes. Hiten said that a certain number of bold scenes give the real image but in today’s time the manufacturers are adding more scenes to attract viewers. It’s all happening from a business perspective.

The actor said that I feel good in natural illumination on the screen but it is not so easily with intimate scene. Most actors do not think before doing bold scenes. I believe there is a need for this line. Talking about Hiten Tejivani’s personal life, he married Gauri in 2004. Both have sons Nevan and daughter Katya. Hiten has done many shows on TV


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