Hrithik Roshan Introduces Cousin Pashmina Roshan On Instagram All Set To Debut Bollywood

Roshan family has a long contribution in Hindi cinema. Be it the highly successful music director Roshan or his sons Rakesh Roshan and Rajesh Roshan or Handsome Hunk Hrithik Roshan. Now another member of Roshan family is eagerly waiting for his innings in Hindi cinema to begin.

This is Hrithik Roshan’s cousin Pashmina Roshan. Pashmina is the daughter of Hrithik’s uncle Rajesh Roshan. Rajesh has been a successful musician himself and has given memorable music in several films with Rakesh Roshan. Now that it is the turn of Pashmina, Hrithik himself took the initiative to introduce him on social media.

Hrithik shared several photos of Pashmina from his Instagram account, along with a big note written in which his feelings for the sister are seeping from every word. Hindi translation of Hrithik’s note-

“Pashmina, proud of you. You are a very special personality and extraordinary talent. Your glow and warmth brighten the atmosphere. Sometimes I wonder where you bring this magic from, but every time I thank God for sending you to us. It is our pleasure to have you and I am sure that the world is going to feel the same way very soon.

It is not because you are the funniest person, not also because you are more sensible than your age, not also because you look very good, but also because the sensitivity you show without judging someone makes you strong. . Be it movies or not. you are a star. And I love you. ”

There were reports about Pashmina in 2019 that she can start her acting shift in Bollywood soon. According to the report in Mumbai Mirror, preparations are being made to launch Pashmina from any external big banner instead of home production. Hrithik Roshan himself is keeping an eye on Pashmina’s launch preparations.

Pashmina is a theater artist. He participated in Jeff Goldberg’s The Importance of Being Earnest Production. He has trained with many well-known theater artists.

Bollywood actor Hrithik Roshan ‘s cousin Pashmina is all set to make her Bollywood debut and Hrithik repeated some inspirational words for the budding actress on Friday. Pashmina is the daughter of music composer Rajesh Roshan, who is Hrithik’s uncle.

Hrithik writes, ‘Pashmina is very proud of you. You are a very special person and you have extraordinary talent. Wherever you go with your personality and warm behavior, you illuminate the place. Sometimes I wonder where this magic came from inside you, but most of the time I thank God that he has included you in our family.

Pashmina has experience working in theater. She has also worked in the production of The Empowers of Being Earnest by Jeff Goldberg.


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