An embarrassing case has been revealed to the husband and wife’s relationship.

Husband Forced To Wife Sex With A Baby Dog, Gets 10-Year Jail
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This sensational incident is from the Belagavavi of Karnataka. Where a husband used to do such shameful acts with his wife, knowing that the court sentenced the accused ten years and imposed a fine of 11 thousand on him. The woman’s husband made unnatural relations with her and she used to show porn videos on her every night and used to do the same thing as she is showing in the video. At first, the wife had been struggling with her husband for a few days, then it happened when the accused began to force the wife to have sex with the dog and if she did not do so, then she threatened to take her out of the house with her children. Used to give Forced the wife filed a report against her husband in the police station.

After registering the report in the police, the police arrested the accused. The wife told that all this had reached the extent of insanity. So forced to register a report in the police. This is the matter of March 2017.

Many such cases of mentally ill people have already been revealed regarding sex. A few days ago a similar case came up when a husband made MMS of his wife. When the wife came to know about this, she filed a report in the police. The police arrested the accused husband.


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