Koyo Miyama
Currently 22 years old. Miyama Koi – (C) Fuji Television

Masato Wada and Miyama Koi will decide to appear in the ninth episode of the drama “Trace ~ Man of Sciences” ~ (Fuji Television series) starring Ryo Nishido. Wada first appeared on the moon 9, Miyama appeared as a child role at that time Since the drama ‘dangerous aneki’ in the period of October 2005, it will be the first appearance of 9 months in about 13 years.

This work based on the popular comic of Koga Kei is a shadowy scientific investigation researcher, Professor Reiji Mino (Nishikido) who has a gruesome past, is a member of a new researcher, Sawaguchi Nonaka ( Yuko Shinki ), a veteran detective, Ryohei Torigaru ( Founder Eiichiro Funakoshi ) to face difficult circumstances.

Two guests appeared in episode 9 of March 4 broadcast. He was killed in a gang struggle and killed a person, playing Kota Togashi (Wada) who just got provisional and Togashi ‘s former relationship partner, Ayano Homomizawa (Miyama) discovered as a dead body.

Miyama who came back to the site of the moon 9 after becoming an adult for the first time in about 13 years since “Dangerous Aneki” said “It was an elementary school student at that time, so that he became an adult again, he realized that he became an adult with a TV drama I feel like a strange feeling, lol. ” “I am happy if you think that you have grown up to those who saw me for a long time.”

Wada, on the other hand, appears this time for the first time in the month 9. “Although it was the first month 9, everyone in the staff was very serious and friendly, as the scene entered, I was a guest appearance, so I only took a picture for about a week, but I welcomed you warmly “Looking back on shooting. (Editorial department Yoshida Yui)

“Trace ~ Men of the scientific instruments ~” The ninth episode broadcast on Fuji television system from 21:00 to 21:54 on March 4


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