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The 91st Academy Award where an award ceremony will be held on 25th Japan time. Last year, actors who became many real enthusiasts , including Gary Oldman who won the best actor award for winning Winston Churchill as British prime minister, got Oscar. This year, among the actors who became candidates, pick up 4 actors who showed amazing transfiguration. (All comments are from the official interview)

First of all, starring actor award candidate Christian Bale . In ” Vice ” (released on April 5), he gave Dick Cheney , who served as vice president under the George W. Bush administration , for the second time as a candidate for the award. He is known for his role as obsession, such as weight reduction by ” Machinist ” (2004) by about 30 kg, ” American Hustle ” (2013) by 20 kg increase, but this time as well, he increased by 20 kg. He also made careful makeup such as hair shaving and decolorizing the eyebrows, and he divided the performances from 20s to 60s. The body remodeling was done for about half a year from April 2017. As a means of increasing the amount, under the management of a nutritionist, we ate a lot of pie and put 15 eggs in a rice cup. Not only appearance but completely different person, including way of speaking and gesture.

Sam Rockwell, who was also nominated for assistant actor award at George W. Bush as well as being a topic in that “Vice” . Last year, he was the first supportive actor award winner in a rural town confronting the heroine killed her daughter on ” Three Billboard “, but I also convinced him to enter the candidate for the second consecutive year. Sam said that he started approaching from observing the performances of people who played Bush in the past such as Will Ferrell and Josh Brolin . “I wanted to figure out the identity of Bush’s innocence and wanted to show off its appeal, the important thing is not to exaggerate in a caricature manner, but to find a character,” revealing secrets.

Vigo Mortensen, who became a leading actor award at ” Green Book ” (released on March 1), also tried to increase the amount of money as well as Vail. It played garasu, Italian bouncer Tony Lip with a strong arms that people liked. Afterwards he was also an actor as an actor in the movies “Godfather” and ” Good Fellows “. Mortensen studied tapes and videos containing Tony’s voice and increased by 14 kilometers. A few months before he started shooting Spanish from his home to New York, Tony’s son and producer of this work heard from families such as Nick Barrelonga at the time. It was said that it was the overseas drama “The Sopranos / Mouri no Mafia” who used the mafia boss as the main character, which was helpful for learning English in Italy.

And Rami Marek of ” Bohemian Rhapsody ” (open to the public) who receives enthusiastic support as “big favorite” this year . He played a heavy responsibility of rock band, vocal of Queen , Freddie Mercury , the first Oscar nomination, leading actor awards candidate. Originally Lami himself can not be said to be similar to Freddie, but he has perfect masters of performance and gestures on the stage, and has persuasive power whether or not it exists. Above all, the reproduction scene of the charity concert “Live Aid” held in 1985 is a masterpiece. To understand Freddie, Rami says “I looked through the songs he wrote, looking for a theme common to all songs.” It was effective to get cooperation from the movement · coach Polly · Bennett, such as “When sitting on the sofa to take a tea cup, pick up a teacup, and see the shy side of Freddie in gestures etc when hiding a tooth” Analysis to. Also, as Rami’s opinion, Mercury’s move on the stage is “not choreography” assert. It seems that Rami was greatly inspired by Eddie Red of the ” Doctor and her theory ” and he said, “While observing him playing Stephen Hawking, I felt” that movement was not choreographed ” “It is said.

Four people who each gained a role by their own approach. Both show powerful and national performance that makes Oscar candidate naturally to be considered.


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