Idris Elba To Be Get Quarantine Every Year To Remember Corona Epidemic

The corona epidemic has shaken people from inside and not only the common man but also superstars and celebrities. A few days ago, the Hollywood superstar, who was found to be Corona positive, has announced that he will now quarantine himself one week every year. He has also advised the people of the world to do the same.

There is a lockdown in India due to Corona. Due to this, cinematography is suffering a lot. Some Hollywood superstars have also been hit by the Corona virus. He does not want to forget this time of shaking people.

According to a Filmfare report, Hollywood superstar Idris Elba suggested that people all over the world should quarantine themselves for a week every year. So that we can remember the damage caused by this bad time and the epidemic.

Idris Elba said that I am going to quarantine myself for a week every year. So that we can remember each other and this time can also be remembered. Elba said that everyone’s experiences are linked to this sudden change. This time is full of turmoil.

Idris Elba was found a few days ago, corona positive. His wife Sabrina Elba was also vulnerable to Corona. Idrish and Sabrina believe that people in rural areas are more vulnerable due to this epidemic. He is sad for the rural people.

Idrish is a British actor, producer and rapper as well as UN Goodwill Ambassador. Sabrina is also a UN Goodwill Ambassador. These celebrity couples are motivating people in the fight against Corona. Apart from this, they are also helping in the rural areas through the fund.


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