Inagaki Goro
Goro Inagaki who starred the movie “Half World”

Inagaki Goro visited the co-star Shibukawa Kiyohiko on the stage of the leading movie ” Half World ” on the 24th, and looked back at the shooting.

Set in a certain regional city, a junior high school classmate who greeted the turn of life of 39 years old, a book that depicts bonds, conflicts, and new hopes with family and friends while centering around the friendship stories of three Work. It will be original written script written by Junji Sakamoto. On this day, in honor of the release of the same work, a stage greeting was held at Ikebukuro Cinema · Rosa, a long-established theater, with the aim of bringing the audience in close contact with the audience as closely as possible.

Inagaki who came to the venue filled with a lot of spectators gave a surprise to the audience as close as possible, “If you do not need a microphone, you can not even have a microphone” and you can smile and say “It’s a wonderful time slipping There is a taste in the movie theater, I feel calm. ” Shibukawa also called “Please think that I can not see Mr. Inagaki so close, so please enjoy.”

Sometimes it is a venue with a close sense of distance, and the two are relaxing mood. Inagaki cut out “I remembered the old drama” and confessed the story behind the moon 9 drama “The promise of twenty years old” that starred in 1992. In the same drama, I will reveal the last scene that Inagaki who plays inagaki will die in the ocean “Actually, when the close-up was up, the eyes were moving”.

Inadagaki that the monitor for confirmation at that time was small, “Although it seemed that nobody noticed when photographing, it seemed to be a big problem when editing”. “But it was after shooting, so I left it as it was only on air, but it was not noticed unexpectedly, you did not even notice,” the enthusiastic fans of the venue are also curious I was listening to it.

Also talks about “semi world”. Inagaki said, “It is difficult to get into a drunk scene (it was also in the play).” When asking Shibukawa-san, “Shibukawa said,” When you see the senior Renji Ishibashi, you are in the temple There is a place where you imitate something like that. ” Inagaki also said, “I think that there is a stereotype drunk play, say red face, but when you see a person who is actually drunk, you think that it is all right, even if I get drunk I will be helpful because it will not be the case. ”

Inagaki talks that Shakuragawa, Hasegawa Hirosi, Ikewaki Chizuru and other actors played together “It was really fun to shoot because they were people watching in the movie.” “I hope to have you have a chance to see you so hard, so I hope to co-star again”, hoping for future collaboration.

Film “half world” is open to the public


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