Inagaki Goro, the beard is also a new self

Inagaki Goro who starred in the movie ” Half World ” by Saori Sakamoto (released February 15) and played a man who makes a living as a charming craftworker while living in Yamamura. Inagaki who performed a character that could be said to be a new frontier talked about “new self”.

This work is the original work which Sakamoto also cooked the screenplay that director Sakamoto became wanting to make a movie in a small town in Japan after finishing taking a joint movie ” Ernesto ” of Japan and Cuba. Inagaki played Araffo man Hiroshi who struggled with “passing through the middle of life” how to live the rest?

It seems that Inagaki suggested that Hiroshi is growing beards in the play. “It is somewhat difficult to break up the group and do not want to do something strange. And there are scenes that do not look like a scene that suits you. It’s a glittering costume in the group In the scene of wearing and singing, I think that it does not suit well, in that sense (beard may be new), I thought that it was also a role. ”

Inagaki is playing a wild role in the omnibus movie ” Shitarou and the beautiful world ” that we worked with Shingo Katori, Tsuyoshi Kusanagi launched with the “New Map” launched, so that role-playing role in wiping out the image It seems like it continues. However, “When I was doing a group I felt there was something I had to defend my mind about my position and so on, but there were no such rules separately, even though I was told from the top I do not mean to forcibly intend, but as part of the role-making process, the result is displayed on the screen.

Hiromi Takano
Photography: Hiromi Takano

Inagaki who said that when he was in the group he was “an intermediary-manager,” he said that he was not stressed, “I’m still proud that I was in the group and I care very much,” said Inagaki It is certain that it was a very big thing to do. ” He seems to realize that the change strongly influenced himself, “I think it is definitely shown in expression,” he said.

“We are blessed with a job after starting the” new map “, and last year I was on stage and in three movies, which I did not imagine at first, which is good flow.” Inagaki who turned around. “This work always challenging new things is always this task, because my range will not expand unless it spreads out,” his face turning to the front is the style of an adult man who opens “new self” I felt it, I was filled with a certain sense of fulfilment. (Coverage / sentence / Shoko Asami)


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