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Sometimes the dispute with India over LAC with China and sometimes the dispute of LOC with Pakistan. To understand the root of this dispute, it is very important that we also have a little knowledge about the borders of the country. Do you know the borders of our country are divided in three ways. These boundaries are called LOC, LAC and international border. Let us know what is the difference between these three and why there is always a dispute about it with neighboring countries.

The international border is the border of any country that clearly distinguishes it from other neighboring countries. The International Border is located on the Radcliffe Line. It is called the international border because this border is approved from all over the world. Meaning, it is a clear border, on which there is no dispute with any neighboring country. The international border of India starts from the sea of ​​Gujarat to Rajasthan, Punjab and Jammu. The international border separates India from the four provinces of Pakistan. These provinces are Kashmir, Wagah and the Punjab region of India and Pakistan. Apart from India and Pakistan, the country’s international borders also join Myanmar, Bangladesh and Bhutan.

The Line of Control, or Line of Control, is a border set officially under military agreements between two countries. However, the international community does not believe it. The current border between India and Pakistan is called the Line of Control. The partition of India and Pakistan took place in the year 1947, when the entire Kashmir was part of India. In view of the continuing border dispute, in the year 1948, the two countries had determined the Line of Control by mutual agreement. Despite this, Pakistan did not desist from its antics and in the year 1971, it illegally occupied a large part of Kashmir, which is now known as Pakistan-occupied Kashmir. This war was followed by the Simla Agreement between India and Pakistan in 1972, in which the armies on both sides set the line of control (LOC) on the map. However, this is not an official limit. LOC is that part of military control,


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