India China Border News: Dragon outraged by PM Modi’s stance issued a statement and blamed India

“Neither an Indian has entered the border nor an Indian post is under anyone’s possession.” This statement of Prime Minister Narendra Modi has shocked the dragon. On Friday, PM Modi addressed the country regarding the India-China border dispute and Galvan Valley violence. Since then, China has hardened the Galvan valley. China too has unexpectedly issued a lengthy statement on Saturday (20 June 2020) in an attempt to put the blame on India.

China has again asserted its claim on the entire Galvan Valley in a statement released on Saturday morning. Not only this, India has also been completely blamed for the dispute on the eastern Ladakh border recently. China’s Foreign Ministry spokesman Lijian Zhao has released his statement on social media. The Chinese spokesperson has tried to show that India has accepted its mistake and is backing its troops. Contrary to Chinese claims, the truth is that Indian forces have increased deployment on the front fronts along the China border. The Prime Minister in his statement on Friday made it clear that the army has been given full leeway to take decisions. On Friday itself, Air Chief Marshal Air Chief Marshal RKS Bhadauria also visited Leh to take stock of the preparations.

The Chinese spokesman has written making false claims that the Galvan Valley is located on the Chinese side of the Line of Actual Control. The Chinese military has been patrolling here for many years. From April, the Indian Border Military Forces arbitrarily started construction of roads, bridges and other facilities there. China has opposed this on several occasions, but India, ignoring this, tried to provoke China by doing construction work ahead of the LAC. On May 6, 2020, Indian military forces crossed the LAC. Entered the territory of China and started building barricades etc. The Indian military forces were deliberately changing the status quo and the system of border control and management, Trying to spoil him. On its part, China took steps in view of the situation. Military and diplomatic level talks between India and China also started to remove tension. In response to the strong demand from China, India agreed to recall its team from the LAC and was ready to dismantle all the structures built.


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