Indian Idol 9th November 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Indian Idol helps a lot in fulfilling the dreams of many people. But this time the show has made one of its contestants a hero even before winning. This contestant of Indian Idol is none other than Divas Nayak of Jharkhand,

The Indian Idol, a big bang on Sony TV, helps a lot in fulfilling the dreams of many people. But the special thing is that one of his contestants has made a hero even before winning the singing show Indian Idol. Indian Idol this Kantestent no one else, but the Jharkhand Day hero was given (Divas Nayak), who left his house to fulfill their dreams five years ago. Not only this, Divas worked in a canteen while flying in Mumbai to wash his dream flight and also washed utensils there. But who knew that Divas would become a hero only from his audition in Indian Idol.

Divas Nayak, a resident of Jharkhand, won the hearts of the judges by singing in his melodious voice in Indian Idol. Due to his talent, he also appeared in the show’s Top 30 contestants. Though Divas is now out of the show, as soon as he arrives at Ranchi Airport to go to his house, people welcomed him in a very spectacular way. Talking about this, he told INS, “Neha Kakkar, one of the three judges of Indian Idol, gave me one lakh rupees to inspire me and asked me to travel by plane.”

Divas Nayak told in an interview that when he washes the dishes while in the canteen, he told one of his friends about the audition and said that he has been selected. He said, “Due to the success of Indian Idol, I have also got a new job as an attendant at Hinduja Hospital in Mumbai. I will not give up till I become a famous and good singer.” . ” Let us know that as soon as Divya Nayak arrived at the airport, people crowded to take selfies with him.


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