Popularly known as Tiya’s role in the popular TV show ‘Flirt’, Navna said that she is going to be a mother soon. Recently, his leg had been hurt, whose pictures he shared on social media.

Injury on the foot of Actress Navina Bole in the 9th month of pregnancy

Actress Renna , famous for her role in Tiya’s role in the popular TV show ‘Flirt’, is going to be a mother soon. This ninth month of Navan is going on and he can give birth to his child at any time. Navna married her long-term boyfriend Karan Vijay on March 6, 2017. This couple is fully prepared to become parents and hopes for their first child. Recently, Navna had a spell on the foot, which she gave information through social media.

Navna has shared a picture of her leg on the social media, which seems to have swollen her leg. While sharing this picture, Navna gave information to his fans about this injury. Knowing about Navana’s injury, his fiance looked very surprised and upset. But as soon as Navana posted photos of his recovery, Fans breathed a sigh like that.

Let’s say that the Navana actor-producer Karan was making a long record of winning and both of them got engaged in the year 2017. Only two months after the engagement, both of them got tied in marriage. After the marriage, Navna took a long break from the TV. She returned to the small screen nine months later. After flirtation, Navna made a distance from TV due to pregnancy.

Navna has done several television shows. But ‘Mera Jab We Hum’ in the serial, Navana became very popular with the character of Dia Bhushan. After this Naveen has been seen in ‘many far away’, careful India, what happened, your promise, and many other shows including Mrs. Kaushik’s five sisters.


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