Internet Wala Love 13th February 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.Me 

Aadhya. She tells Jai that Karan and Ragini are staying at her place.

A flashback reveals that Karan stops Aadhya to tell Jai that Subhankar Ji called him for the marriage purpose. Karan doesn’t want to create misunderstanding.

Aadhya tells Jai that Karan and Ragini are Subhankar Ji’s childhood friend’s children.

Jai and Aadhya start the radio show. A caller asks Jai his valentine day plan. To which Jai replies that he has no plans and doesn’t believe in the concept of Valentines Day. Aadhya gets miffed and leaves.

Dia shows Aadhya a video that went viral. In a video, a lover is painting his girl’s image.

Aadhya turns upset. Ragini and Karan talk about Jai’s injustice towards Aadhya.

Aadhya calls Jai, but he pretends that he is sleeping. Aadhya finds a heart-shaped pizza, she imagines that Jai planned everything. She hugs a man assuming Jai, but it turns out to be Karan. She gets petrified. Jai comes in with heart-shaped balloons.

Jai takes Aadhya for a romantic date. Jai reveals his painting. Aadhya fills with joy to see the painting.

A man hidden in the teddy bear set the painting in the fire.

The written update of 13 February 2019 Internet Wala Love episode full story ends.

Precap: Roopa hands Aadhya a diamond necklace. Some stranger sends goons to create trouble for Jai and Aadhya

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