Internet Wala Love 15th February 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.Me 

Aadhya and Jai. a few goons spot Aadhya’s necklace. A stranger hires the goons and asks to assault Aadhya and Jai. They assault Aadhya and Jai. Jai snatches the necklace from the goons.

Luckily, PK and Viraj come on time and saves Jai-Aadhya. Dadu scolds Jai and Aadhya. He banishes them to fulfil earlier than engagement. Aadhya’s carelessness miffs Roopa.

Ragini solaces Roopa. Roopa gets emotional.

Jai desires to meet Aadhya, but she couldn’t come. Jai makes many efforts, however, Aadhya refuses to disobey Dadu.

Jai suggests Roopa for calling Aadhya for the ring choice. Roopa refuses to name Aadhya however takes Ragini along with her. They both choose a ring for Aadhya.

Roopa and Ragini get alongside well.

Ragini unearths Jai distressed. She tries to cheer him up by way of showing him the ring. the ring receives stuck in Ragini’s hand. Jai tries to assist, however, Ragini couldn’t take out the hoop. Jai takes her to a jewel store.

Right here, Aadhya unearths a stranger in her bedroom. She assumes that he’s Jai. She begins scolding him. Subhankar Ji enters the room. The stranger shoves Subhankar Ji and escapes. Aadhya and Subhankar Ji count on that it changed into Jai.

Aadhya calls him and lashes at him. Jai couldn’t recognize.

The written update of 15 February 2019 net Wala Love episode complete tale ends.

Precap:- Roopa wants to check Jai and Aadhya’s kundali. Jai refuses, but Aadhya insists.

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