Internet Wala Love 28th February 2019 Written Episode Update
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Internet Wala Love 28th February 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Internet Wala Love 28 Feb episode starts with Internet Waala Love serial, Aadhya ate poisonous bhujiya to save Roopa.

Dadu calls the doctor to treat Aadhya. The doctor prescribes some injection for Aadhya. Ragini texts Karan about everything happening in Mittal house. Karan plans his next step. He posts the news about Aadhya’s ill health after eating poisonous bhujiya on social media.

While Jai is returning home, Karan hits Jai with a car. He wants to stop Jai from saving Aadhya’s life.

Food inspector and media find Aadhya’s ill health news going viral on social media. They barge in Mittal house to check on Aadhya.

Dadu gets anxious to see food inspector and media in his house. He knows that Jai has still not returned with medicine, and if the food inspector found Aadhya sick, then Roopa could get in huge trouble.

Fortunately, Jai returns home in time and Aadhya comes in front of the food inspector and media in good health. Roopa is impressed by Aadhya’s bravery. She hands over the entire responsibility of Mittal house to Aadhya. Dadu gifts her diamond set.

Dia teases PK and compares him with Jai.

Aadhya and Jai get a threatening note. Jai catches the man who gave them a threatening letter.

The written update of 28 February 2019 Internet Wala Love episode full story ends.

Precap: Karan is talking about Jai’s destruction to his disabled sister. Jai wants to catch the goon red-handed, hence puts up camera.


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