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The Episode starts Start with Rupa taking Aadhya to save room and shows the Mittal Bhujiya Bhandar’s pictures and says Bau ji commenced it with a small shop, but I make it a large emblem. She tells that she desired Jai’s spouse to be her satisfactory pal, but this is not impossible with them, however nevertheless she will supply her a chance for Jai’s happiness. Shubhankar tells Jai that he will test him. Jai says he’s going to bypass all his assessments. Rupa asks Aadhya to make Bhujiya like she did, and tells that they’re launching new taste next week, so she shall think about the taste. She says she used to do house work and Bhujiya work. She tells that she is giving her radio process again and asks her to manage each radio station and Bhujiya paintings. Shubhankar takes Jai’s phone. Rupa takes Aadhya’s telephone telling it’s miles distraction.

Aadhya says sorry to Vihaan as he has to go away Jai’s room. Dadu says i’m providing you with Jai’s room so you can understand him. Diya tells Jai that she is giving him Aadhya and her room for them. Jai thanks her. Jai comes to Aadhya’s room and imagines Aadhya. He attempts to open the door and reveals it locked. He thinks atleast window is open, and attempts to get out and collides with Aadhya who has simply come. Aadhya tells that she got here for some work and takes Ganapati idol. She asks him to hold it with him for power. Jai keeps it near his mattress and thank you her. He says I want to offer you some thing and makes her put on friendship chain and says it’s far his love. Aadhya gets touched and satisfied to get it again. She thank you him. Jai teases her. They hug every different.

Dadi tells Dadu that even though Shubhankar and Rupa agreed, however I assume they will trouble them more. Dadu says love is some thing so that it will boom with complication. He says something will alternate within the morning. Jai imagines aadhya waking him up romantically. just then Shubhankar comes and throws water on his face. Jai wakes up shockingly. Shubhankar tells him i am now not your heroine.

Aadhya involves Dadu and Dadi and takes their benefits. They ask her to win Rupa’s coronary heart. Dadi is sure that Aadhya will win Rupa. Rupa says it relies upon at the check file. She says no blessings until then and asks her to make Bhujiya. She says Chef, food inspector and a madam will come to taste bhujiya and asks her to starts making bhujiya. Aadhya gets tensed.

Shubhankar checks Jai’s cellphone and tells that he receives many messages. Jai asks him to examine the listing saved at the table. Jai reads the listing. Shubhankar asks him not to do anything as CCTV digital camera is established at his residence. Jai thinks hitler. Sharma calls Shubhankar and talks approximately Aadhya’s alliance. Jai says i’m able to visit rest room. Shubhankar says there’s no water and asks him to take bath outdoor. Rupa tells Aadhya that Servant is on leave these days and asks her to smooth the house. Dadu and Dadi get involved. Jai comes to pay power and stands in queue. Aadhya sweeps the house and springs to make Bhujiya. Jai is status at the queue and when his flip comes, officer tells that energy isn’t always there. Shubhankar breaks the water tap in the bathroom to problem Jai. Jai comes domestic. Diya tells that she has paid the invoice already. Jai thinks to name Aadhya from landline. Shubhankar calls him and asks him to hold the tap as water is flowing out and is going to name plumber. Aadhya sees her bhujiya burnt and calls Jai. Diya asks him to talk to Aadhya. Aadhya tells jai and tells that she failed at the day 1.

Internet Wala Love 5th February 2019 Written Update Precap: Jai comes to fulfill Aadhya and that they romance while making Bhujiya. Rupa comes and sees jai there. Shubhankar calls Jai and thinks if he went to fulfill Aadhya.

Internet Wala Love 5th February 2019 Written Episode Update

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