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The Episode starts with Aadhya shouting for help and calling Dadu, Dadi. Dadu and Rupa see Aadhya sitting scared even as hearth is around her. Shubhankar calls off the suit and says the fellow ran away for whom healthy was saved. Diya tells him that Jai didn’t run because of match, but for Aadhya. She says she called Dada ji, however he was no longer choosing the call. Aadhya feels apologetic to Jai and thinks she couldn’t preserve up the promise did to Jai. A facebook is shown, Jai tells Aadhya that he don’t want to stay without her. Aadhya says vacation spot is very a long way. facebook ends. Jai reaches there and asks Aadhya no longer to fear, says i will come inner. Dadu and Rupa preserve him. Aadhya asks Jai no longer to return there and offers him promise. Jai says I don’t accept the promise and jumps inner masking himself with blanket.

Shubhankar comes there and says my daughter is trapped internal and you are standing here. Dadu tells him that Jai will store Aadhya. Jai enables Aadhya stand and asks if she is pleasant. Aadhya hugs him and cries. Jai says thanks, you are first-rate. Aadhya says if some thing had came about to you. Jai says i am Superman and saves you usually. i might have died if some thing happens to you. He says i like you, but no longer promoting any chinese trouble. He attempts to spark off hearth and tells Aadhya that until he is alive, he’ll no longer permit something manifest to her. He covers blanket on Aadhya and makes her go out with PK’s assist. He runs lower back to get the locket fallen at the cylinder, but then the pillar falls. He receives suffocated with the smoke. Aadhya shouts and cries. Rupa cries.

Jai seems at Aadhya and is ready to faint. Rupa cries. fire brigade comes. Jai kicks at the door and comes out. hearth brigade units off the hearth. Aadhya hugs him and asks if he is best. She says he is her Jai and knows that he’ll in no way damage his promise. Jai says i’m quality and tells that he went to take the locket, and says he will die for her lifelong and may’t die with out her. He looks at Rupa and faints.

Physician tests Jai and says he can be nice. Shubhankar is going to test medication. physician says we need to do his exams and asks Rupa to finish the formalities. Rupa goes. Aadhya seems at Jai and says you are awful, and says you stored me and went inner. Jai says I went to get the locket, it is valuable for us. Aadhya says i was scared, I idea if something takes place to you. Jai says not anything passed off to me, i am excellent. He says he has to bypass her papa’s test. Aadhya says you’re my hero, I didn’t need any certificate. She says she will be able to’t consider her existence without him. Jai holds her hand. Aadhya says that is health facility. Jai asks if it’s far written that we are able to’t romance in clinic and asks for a good luck kiss. He asks her to head and feature food. Aadhya comes out. Rupa appears at her and sits outdoor Jai’s ward. Aadhya involves her. Rupa asks if she is first-rate? Aadhya says yes and says Jai is likewise best. She asks her now not to take tension. Shubhankar comes and gives medication to Aadhya. Aadhya receives Diya’s call and he or she scolds her for running within the kitchen. Aadhya tells that hearth broke out because of short circuit and says Jai dealt with anybody. Diya says he’s your superman and saves you from all of the troubles. Aadhya says you gave him the right call. She says Jai is quality. medical doctor asks Nurse to shift affected person to ICU. Aadhya is taken aback and thinks he is talking approximately someone else.

Physician tells Rupa that Jai fainted again and his circumstance is worsened, he has inhaled plenty smoke and his circumstance is critical. Aadhya says you got here to incorrect own family and says Jai is quality, I just met him. She involves Jai and asks him to stand up. doctor asks Rupa to prevent Aadhya and says Jai’s coronary heart is vulnerable and he shall be beneath statement for few hours. He says he is critical. Rupa cries. Aadhya tells her that Jai might be satisfactory. She tells Shubhankar that she will be able to carry snacks for Jai and is going from there. She involves cafeteria and asks for sandwich and coffee. Diya comes there and asks what is she doing? Aadhya says physician said that he is critical, but I know that he’s high-quality and will awaken and tell that he’s hungry. She takes sandwich, however collides with a person and the sandwich falls down. guy says sorry. Aadhya says looks like it’s miles every person’s favored word. Diya asks Aadhya why she isn’t always pronouncing whatever. Aadhya is in surprise and thinks nothing can occur to you Jai…She says you’ll stand up, preserve my hand and will say that you are joking. She thinks you have got promised me that you’ll die with me.

Internet Wala Love 8th February 2019 Written Update Precap: Jai is essential in the ICU. Rupa tells Jai that she has misplaced, your love won and accepts their alliance. She offers Aadhya’s hand in Jai’s hand and asks him to open his eyes. Aadhya cries badly.

Internet Wala Love 8th February 2019 Written Episode Update

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