A month has been completed on May 29, when Bollywood veteran Irrfan Khan departed from this world. In the last month i.e. 29 April, this great actor had said goodbye to everyone while fighting a battle with cancer. For the past one month, everywhere from social media, Irfan’s fans are sharing posts, photos and their scenes in his memory. Before taking his last breath, Ifan Khan donated for people battling the Corona virus. This is revealed by a close friend of Irrfan Khan.

According to the news in our affiliate website BollywoodLife, Irrfan Khan’s friend Jiaullah told that, ‘I was collecting funds along with my team to fight the corona virus. In Jaipur, I talked to Irrfan Khan’s elder brother about this and he agreed to help. Irrfan Khan along with his brother also gave us a donation at that time. While making a donation, Irfan Khan had kept only one condition that nobody should know anything about it.

He further stated that, ‘He believed that donations are done without informing. The right hand also should not be aware of what is being given by the left hand. People’s help was more important to them. Now I am saying this only because Irfan Khan is no longer in this world. If he was safe enough, I would never mention anything about this. After his departure, it is now my responsibility that I know the world about every good work of Irrfan Khan so that the respect for people in his heart will increase even more.

Irrfan Khan always cared about his fans. A month after Irfan’s death, his wife Sutapa Sikdar shared such a post. His wife Sutapa Sikdar has written an emotional post, sharing his unseen photos. Sutpa Sikdar has shared a photo of some of her relaxed moments with Irrfan. Both are in a park. While Irfan is seen lying on the grass alone in one photo, in the second photo he has taken a selfie with his wife.

One month has passed since the demise of Irrfan Khan, who has been living the life of an ordinary person for the last two and a half to three decades. But even today, his family and fans still remember him. After Irfan’s death, many things in his life are coming to the fore. One of his memories is told by his friend. What is special is that before fighting to the death, Irfan had helped the victims.

According to Pinkvilla, those who had stomachs on their hands and those infected with the corona had to face many crises in the crisis caused by the corona. Therefore, Irfan had provided food grains to these citizens to help them in times of crisis.

My team and I were raising funds to cope with the situation in the country caused by the corona virus and to satisfy the hunger of the needy. During this time, I had a talk with Irrfan Khan’s brother. They were ready to help us financially. What is special is that at the same time Irrfan Khan also helped us. But before he could help, he had made it a condition that he would not tell anyone about it, said Ziaullah, a friend of Irrfan Khan.

He further says that if you are helping someone, donating, it should be kept secret forever. Irfan was of the opinion that no one should know about it. So he kept this story a secret. Irfan is not with us today, so we need to tell everyone what good he did before he passed away. If it were in us today, I would never have told this story.

Meanwhile, Irfan passed away on April 29. He was admitted to Kokilaben Hospital in Mumbai due to colon infection. But on Wednesday morning, he breathed his last. He had returned to India after overcoming cancer with great willpower


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