Ishaaron Ishaaron Mein 10th October 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Shiv slaps Vivek and shouting at him to get lost from here for insulting Chauhan. Kabir says he is not doing right. Chauhan yells at them to dare not trouble Shiv again, else he will not spare them. Vivek warns to stay away and tells Shiv that he did wrong by playing with his brother/Yogi’s life. Chauhan asks Shiv not to worry about them and concentrate on Gunjan’s engagement tomorrow. Shiv asks not to botherSrivastav family waits for Vivek and Kabir to return home. Pari reminds its time for Prakash’s medicines. Prakash says he already had many medications. Kusum gives him medicines and asks Yogi to force feed him. Moin brings Shiv’s servant Ramlal who returns engagement ring and says Shiv returned it as Gunjan is getting engaged to Pradeep Chauhan’sson Roshan tomorrow. Dadaji says Shiv stoop so low. Prakash asks Yogi to remove his engagement ring. Ramlal says his boss did not ask to get ring. Prakash warns him to stand silently and asks Yogi again to remove his ring. Kusum also insists. Yogi removes ring and gives it to Prakash. Prakash gives ring to /Ramlal and asks him to return it to Shiv.

Bablu and Surjith reach terrace via pipe to meet Yogi. Rani, Nisha, Khushi, and Pari sitting there with Yogi ask what are they doing. They say they come here always like this and say Shiv crossed limits by returning engagement, they feel to punish Shiv and Gunjan. Yogi signals revenge is not a solution. Rani says Yogi is right. Pari says who knows Gunjan truly loves Yogi and opposed her father’s decision, but her father didn’t budge. Bablu says she is right. Dadaji enters and says it is possible, Yogi should meet Gunjan and try to elope and marry her and if she agrees, she loves him, else she loves her father more. Rani and Nisha asks if he is teaching boys to elope. Dadaji says what is wrong in it, he helped many of his friends elope and marry including Bablu’s grandfather. Bablu and Pari says he is really great. Yogi says he doesn’t want to do that. Daadi brings milk for Yogi, and they all hide seeing her. She hears dadaji burping and asks hy is he hiding behind plants. He is watering them. She asks at night? Dadaji says so what and takes milk from her. She takes milk from his hand and angrily walks away.

Shiv over phone invites his friends for Gunjan’s engagement. Chauhan calls him and says they are officially becoming samdhis. Shiv asks if arrangements are done. Chauhan says he couldn’t the way he wanted to in a hurry and came to office to collect cash and praises Gunjan. Shiv falters by his sugary talk. Chauhan says sometimes elders do a mistake which youngsters have to pay. Shiv asks what he means. Chauhan says he is worried if Seema will create any trouble. Shiv says he has convinced Seema and Gunjan and they agreed for this engagement. Chauhan says he should arrange selection committee meeting after 2 days as assurance. Shiv says even he doesn’t like unemployed son-in-law. Chauhan says he will meet him at home then. Seema passes by. Shiv asks her to approve Gunjan and Roshan’s engagement, else Gunjan’s image will be tarnished. Seema says he shouldn’t worry as she will not create any drama and knows he loves his daughter and is getting her engaged to a man whom his daughter hasn’t seen yet.

Precap: Pari, Rani, Khushi, and Nisha chat with Gunjan and convinced her to meet Yogi. Roshan video chats with Gunjan and says she can reject him before engagement if she doesn’t like him.


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