Ishaaron Ishaaron Mein 15th August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Dadaji demands he will choose card. Prakash says he generally principles and this time he will choose his child’s wedding card. Kusum demands Dadaji to let Prakash select Yogi’s wedding card as he adores his child a great deal. Prakash apprehensively concurs and gets enthusiastic portraying how upbeat he was when Yogi was conceived and sang a melody, yet Yogi didn’t tune in at all and till now he doesn’t hear or talk. He wipes his tears in feelings. Khushi and Pinky embrace him inwardly. He tells family that he will get some information about his decision as it is his wedding. Daadi says Yogi is at shop and didn’t come to eat.

Yogi in his shop requests that his companions advise an arrangement how to meet Gunjan. One signs melody kabootar ja and says they will send his message by means of somebody. Yogi says he will compose an affection letter for Gunjan. Prakash demands Daadi and Kusum to send Dadaji to Shiv’s home and handle circumstance. Khushi returns and says Dadaji isn’t at home and even in coffee bar. Dadaji comes back with Shiv and Suman. Prakash with family enthusiastically welcomes them and requests to bring dark espresso and dark cream bread rolls for Shiv and even pecans. Family at that point apologizes Shiv for Yogi’s sake. Shiv says they are not furious by any means.

Suman says for what reason will they be furious on their Yogi. Kusum asks what does she mean. Suman says Gunjan is their girl now and Yogi is our child. Family says she is correct. Shiv asks Prakash to go with him and select wedding furniture and other settlement things. Family requests vehicle, precious stone gems, and so forth. Shiv gets strained. Family giggles and cautions to set out not talk about settlement, they simply need their Gunjan. Shiv apologizes. Dadaji orders not to welcome visitors with paan masala as it is unsafe.

Yogi attempts to compose love letter for Gunjan and his companions attempt to help him by means of web. They play sentimental melody and copy to make a sentimental domain, at that point sign to compose his emotions. Yogi flag that he sees Gunjan wherever on avenues, house, speaker, fan, and so forth he doesn’t get rest recollecting her. Yogi at that point flag Gunjan’s eyes look like moon and teeth like stars. Bablu notes it down and Yogi admonishes him. Dadaji enters and inquires as to whether he can help.

Precap: Kabir’s dad affronts Yogi. Kabir defies him.


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