Ishaaron Ishaaron Mein 16th August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Kabir confronts his father to dare now not talk sick about his brother Yogi. Yogi stops Kabir and alerts Kabir’s father that he can not speak or listen, however can apprehend Kabir’s emotions, even being his father he can’t apprehend him, he wants money to buy clothes for his new wife or liquor for himself, wherein turned into he while he ransacked Kabir in formative years and Kabir used to cry for him, he have to stop bother Kabir once more in any other case he will now not spare him. All three brothers depart while father continues that he’s coughing up blood and thinks even Yogi is confronting him now.

Gunjan returns home and Shiv asks how turned into her class. She signals great and asks to forgive Yogi. He says he has already and asks to expose her e book, permit him additionally examine. She gets apprehensive as she concealed Yogi’s letter in her ebook.

Gautam drops ball on Shiv’s coffee and Shiv scolding Gautam walks to washroom. Gunjan relaxes. She walks to her room and is ready to check Yogi’s love letter whilst Suman enters and says they’re going out for dinner as they need to spend some nice time together with her as she could be going to her sasural quickly. Gunjan emotionally hugs her. Suman asks if she carried out attar. Gunjan alerts if she additionally needs it. Suman says she will all through her wedding and leaves room. Gunjan closes room and excitedly reads Yogi’s love letter.

At terrace, Kabir describes Vivek, Nisha, and Rani how his father is making an attempt to smash his life while Yogi hugs him tightly and asks to overlook his beyond and smile. Kabir says he is not like him. Kabir mimics actors and makes him smile. Pari enters terrace mountaineering pipe. Yogi says she climbs pipe every day. Pari reminisces partying in discotheque and attempts to fool them, but Yogi provokes them. He sees discotheque band on her wrist and signals. She asks whom he became following today with a love letter. They ask him why he does mistakes always. Yogi says he gave love letter to Gunjan. Pari says they should inform Prakash. Rani says they’ll tell about Yogi and Pari’s pipe mountaineering. Pari says allow us to forgive Yogi as soon as. all of them stroll away warning Yogi to mend his approaches. Pari boasts she saved Yogi today. Yogi says he saved her alternatively. Their nok jhok keeps.

Dadaji asks Daadi to use pain oil on his knees. She asks to apply himself. He attempts and drops oil on bedsheet. She angrily applies oil on his knees. He asks why she is so angry. She emotionally says she is tensed regarding Kabir, already she lost her daughter and cannot afford losing Kabir. Dadaji says even he lost his daughter and gets emotional. They each cry together. next morning, family sits for breakfast. Nisha serves aloo paranthas to everybody. Kabir says he isn’t always hungry. Dadaji says even Pallavi used to now not have meals until he fed her. Kabir receives emotional. Kusum serves him meals and says she added him up like a mom and reminisces adolescence incidents. circle of relatives emotional drama maintains.

Precap: Yogi takes Gunjan in neighborhood educate. Pari clashes with him and yells. At clinic, Pari asks Suman if one is dumb and deaf and other is dumb, how will they speak.


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