Ishaaron Ishaaron Mein 16th August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Dadaji says he composed love letter to a significant number of his lady friends. Bablu inquires as to whether he didn’t compose love letters for Daadi. Dadaji says on the off chance that he is frantic, for what reason would he portray her revolting face as delightful and her unpleasant hair as excellent brilliant tresses, in the event that he holds her hair, they fall off in his grasp. They signal him to stop. He asks they are going about as though Daadi came. They gesture yes. Dadaji turns and gets apprehensive seeing Daadi. Daadi inquires as to whether she looks monstrous with unpleasant hair. Yogi with his companions arrives at Gunjan’s music class where her instructor sings Piya Basanti while Gunjan plays sitar. Her kindred cohort chimes in instructor. Bablu and Surjit state it would have been great if bhabi likewise would have sang. Yogi feels miserable.

Gunjan separates while playing sitar. Yogi sees that and strolling in sign Gunjan that she was playing sitar great and should proceed. Gunjan joyfully plays diverse ragas on sitar. Guruji stops and discloses to Gunjan that she stirred up raagas, however played well by heart. Bablu and Surjith applaud. Guruji asks who are they. They state they came to convey letter, at that point say to learn sitar pointing at various instruments. Guruji requests that they sing. They sing Chikni Chameli melody while Yogi offers letter to Gunjan through her colleague and sign her to peruse it and answer him. She joyfully gestures alright. He quietly leaves pursued by Bablu and Surjith.

Vivek, Kabir and Yogi stroll towards home at night when Kabir’s dad meddles them and approaches Kabir to give cash for his treatment. Yogi stands up to him and sign when did he support Kabir that he is anticipating support from him. Kabir’s dad shouts at him that god made him stupid and hard of hearing because of his presumption. Kabir cautions his dad to set out not talk about his sibling.

Precap: Gunjan attempts to peruse Yogi’s affection letter when Suman strolls in. Pari arrives at gallery climbing funnel. Yogi indicates it to entire family.


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