Ishaaron Ishaaron Mein 16th July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Pinky says she saw chachu squeezing chachi’s feet. Prakash indignantly takes a gander at his nephew Kabir. Kusum says for what reason is he gazing at Kabir, even he squeezes her feet. Prakash shies and yells where is Yogi. Dadaji wipes his shaving creme and chastens not to yell, Yogi will return soon. Yogi is seen playing football and scoring objective over and over. Senior child drops Pihu to class van and tells his significant other Rani that father will reprove Yogi once he returns. Prakash turns out and inquires as to whether Yogi returned home and vents out his outrage on Vivek and Kabir. His companion goes by and educates that Yogi is playing football. Mamaji drives bike to football ground while Kabir and Vivek keep running behind him and thinks today daddy/mamaji won’t extra Yogi. Prakash remains before net calling Yogi. Yogi hits ball which hits Prakash making him fly and falling on net and scoring objective for Yogi. Everybody serenade Yogi’s name while Prakash tumbles down with swollen face.

Back home, Prakash admonishes Yogi for hitting him so hard and charges that Yogi did it intentionally. Family backs Yogi. Dadi and dada admonish Prakash. Prakash asks if Yogi had gone to bring things for what valid reason did he go to play football. Family indicates things he purchased and asks not to chide Yogi. Dadaji asks Mamaji to quit sitting idle and proceed to open shop soon. Mamaji goes to prepare. Family recommends Yogi to get hitched on the off chance that he needs regard from Prakash as he quit annoying Kabir and Vivek after their marriage. Sister recommends to discover a young lady and propose her soon. Nisha inquires as to whether mamaji/Prakash will concur for adoration marriage. Yogi engages family with his happy demonstrations and hits the dance floor with Daadi kidding that he needs to wed a lovely young lady like her while Dadaji insults Dadi. Prakash calls Yogi and he races to Prakash, and the two of them leave for their electronic shop. At shop, Yogi fixes electronic products and client lauds his aptitudes. His companions come to meet him while Prakash is out and revile about Prakash. Prakash returns and shoos them away admonishing them.

Yogi heads towards home when he sees a young lady going in cycle rickshaw and pursues her in his cycle. A sentimental melody plays out of sight. He crashes his cycle to a scooty young lady, and the two of them tumble down. Young lady admonishes Yogi and leaves while Yogi stands seeing rickshaw going far away.

Kusum takes her bahus Rani and Nishi for sari shopping where she sees a young lady and considers getting her wedded to Yogi. She becomes a close acquaintence with young lady’s mom and proposes for coalition clarifying about Yogi in detail. Young lady’s mom leaves shouting for what reason would she get her little girl wedded to such a kid. Back home, Kusum cries abundantly. Yogi returns home, and Nisha clarifies him entire circumstance. It is uncovered that Yogi is hard of hearing and unable to speak and he brightens up Kusum with his gesture based communication and inquires as to whether one young lady rejects him, they will discover different young ladies. Nisha and Rani state their Yogi is an astounding person and any young lady would be fortunate to wed him. Family dramatization proceeds.

Precap: Family plays antakshari and Yogi talks in gesture based communication.


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