Ishaaron Ishaaron Mein 17th July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Yogi signals Maine tere liye hey Saath rang ke sapne chune.. Kabir deciphers it and asks Mamaji to sing from Na.. Mamaji sings his main tune Naino me sapna… taking a gander at Kusum. Neighbors hear their melodies and examine Prakash family’s antakshari begun, presently which tune will Yogi signal. Yogi signals. Dadaji says it is Yaad Aaaraha hai tera pyar… Kabir and Vivek sing and move. Prakash reprimands that they overlooked tune on our turn however sing on opponent’s turn. He sings Raat Kali Ek Khwab… song..looking at Kusum. Dadai indignantly takes a gander at him. Prakash requests to sing from Eee. also, begins checking. Kusum sings Eechak daan Pichak daana.. Family cheers seeing her grinning.

Neighbors at tea slow down commendation Yogi’s inclination and expectation his marriage happens soon as Prakash is concerned for his wedding. Khushi sings Salaam e Ishq meri jaan… melody. Prakash says it doe snot stgart with R.. as Rekha ji portrays a shayari first. Antakshari proceeds. Prakash sings Jumma Chumma Dadi admonishes and sings Jiska Mujhe Tha Intezaar Dadaji’s hand and reprimands Prakash as chichora. Neighbors talk about that Yogi’s wedding won’t occur in this life. Prakash’s companion Moin bhai says god has made everybody’s jodi as of now and even Yogi will get his life accomplice soon.

Far away, Gunjan’s mom requests that her get tea and snacks for visitor. Wedding dealer advises Gunjan’s dad Shiv that even this time Gunjan’s partnership is rejected. Shiv exhaust in resentment. Specialist approaches in the event that he should scan for Gunjan’s coalition in Kanpur. Shiv says how might it be. His significant other says they previously looked through their entire city. Gunjan feels miserable hearing their discussion.

Khushi asks Yogi for what valid reason did he let father win. Yogi sign to fulfill mummy dad. Khushi says some of the time losing is superior to winning and says she will take cell phone this raksha bandhan. Their charitable and careful nok jhok begins. Vivek grins seeing it from his room’s window. Rani asks what is he taking a gander at. He indicates Yogi and Khushi and depicts the amount Yogi was glad when Khushi was conceived and communicated it to entire area with his gesture based communication. Nishi asks Kabir how he distinguishes Yogi’s tunes. Kabir says its a heart association.

Next morning, Yogi does tulsi pooja when Prakash advises he is going to bank and requests that he help him begin bike. Yogi kicks his foot while beginning bike. Prakash shouts at him and leaves. Yogi’s companions ask him for what reason his father consistently chastens him even in the wake of realizing he is idiotic and hard of hearing.

Kusum goes to purchase vegetables and sees a young lady having pani puri. She gets some information about young lady who says she is neighbor Bhushan’s relative and came to remain with him. Kusum strolls to young lady and inquires as to whether she is Bhushan’s visitor and what is her name, in the event that she is hitched, might be not as she looks youthful. Young lady grins. Kusum demonstrates Yogi’s photograph and says she is looking young lady for his child. Young lady shies. Kusum says she will go to Bhushan’s home to examine about coalition. Pani puri merchant says Yogi is a very ability and well-intentioned kid, however is imbecilic and hard of hearing. Young lady irately leaves and Kusum returns home crying.

Yogi fixes client’s speaker while his companions acclaim his aptitudes. Client asks how he fixes speaker when he himself is not too sharp. Companions state it is a mystery. When clients leave, companions demand Yogi to go with them to Amir Khan’s motion picture and show him trailer on portable. Yogi sees Gunjan going by in cycle rickshaw and pursues her. A sentimental melody.. plays out of sight. Prakash sees that and speeds his bike behind Yogi. Gunjan leaves far away in rickshaw.. At home, Rani and Nishi examine that Kusum must cry again as another young lady rejected Yogi. Kusum says yes. Around evening time, Yogi plays carrom with kin when Prakash enters and yells at him to get up. Dadaji asks what occurred. Prakash says he saw Yogi running behind a young lady. Kusum gets energized hearing that.

Precap: Shiv recognizes Prakash as his companion and the two of them embrace. Yogi scores objective in football coordinate and envisions Gunjan contacting him.


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