Ishaaron Ishaaron Mein 19th August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Gunjan returns home and Shiv asks how was her class. She flag pleasant and requests to excuse Yogi. He says he has as of now and requests to demonstrate her book, let him additionally learn. She gets apprehensive as she shrouded Yogi’s letter in her book. Gautam drops ball on Shiv’s espresso and Shiv admonishing Gautam strolls to washroom. Gunjan unwinds. She strolls to her room and is going to check Yogi’s adoration letter when Suman enters and says they are going out for supper as they need to invest some quality energy with her as she will go her sasural soon. Gunjan sincerely embraces her. Suman inquires as to whether she connected attar. Gunjan signals in the event that she additionally needs it. Suman says she will during her wedding and leaves room. Gunjan closes room and enthusiastically peruses Yogi’s adoration letter.

Kabir depicts Vivek, Nisha, and Rani how his dad is attempting to demolish his life when Yogi embraces him firmly and requests to overlook his past and grin. Kabir says he isn’t care for him. Kabir imitates on-screen characters and makes him grin. Pari enters porch climbing funnel. Yogi says she climbs pipe each day. Pari thinks back celebrating in discotheque and attempts to trick them, yet Yogi incites them. He sees discotheque band on her wrist and sign. She asks whom he was following today with an affection letter. They ask him for what valid reason he does botches consistently. Yogi says he gave love letter to Gunjan. Pari says they ought to illuminate Prakash. Rani says they will educate about Yogi and Pari’s pipe climbing. Pari says let us pardon Yogi once. They all leave cautioning Yogi to retouch his ways. Pari flaunts she spared Yogi today. Yogi says he spared her. Their nok jhok proceeds.

Dadaji asks Daadi to apply torment oil on his knees. She requests to put forth a concentrated effort. He attempts and drops oil on bedsheet. She furiously applies oil on his knees. He inquires as to why she is so irate. She genuinely says she is strained with respect to Kabir, as of now she lost her girl and can’t manage the cost of losing Kabir. Dadaji says even he lost his girl and gets passionate. The two of them cry together. Next morning, family sits for breakfast. Nisha serves aloo paranthas to everybody. Kabir says he isn’t eager. Dadaji says even Pallavi used to not have nourishment until he sustained her. Kabir gets passionate. Kusum serves him nourishment and says she brought him up like a mother and thinks back youth episodes. Family enthusiastic show proceeds.

Precap: Yogi takes Gunjan in nearby train. Pari conflicts with him and hollers, At medical clinic, Pari inquires as to whether one is imbecilic and hard of hearing and other is moronic, by what method will they convey.


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