Ishaaron Ishaaron Mein 19th July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Yogi takes a gander at street. Companions inquire as to whether he found a young lady. Yogi gestures yes. They keep provoking him. He flag them that he doesn’t have an inkling where young lady stays and requests that they propose him 4-5 tunes to dazzle young lady. Companions insult him with unseemly tunes and afterward sing Ek Ladki Ko Dekha To Aisa laga… tune.. Yogi likes it and requests to propose couple of something else. They achieve Yogi’s shop and keep proposing him graceless tunes and insulting him. Yogi chooses a melody and stacking it on his portable and interfaces speakers to it, at that point flag that Prakash is coming. Companions flee and he grins. At home, while cooking Kusum discloses to Daadi that Yogi did not uncover whom he cherishes and tragically says she got him up, and still, at the end of the day he conceals things from her. Daadi says everybody does.

Kusum says the two of them don’t extreme. Daadi says even she does and inquires as to for what reason do she think Prakash yells, why Rani takes a gander at Pihu going to class and stressed for her, why Nishi and Kabir did not have kids yet, and so on. They hear rickshawala playing Ek Ladki ko Dekha To..on radio outside their home and chasten him to leave and play. Kusum says it is only a tune, no on gets their fantasy young lady. Daadi says she got her fantasy bahu and sings melody for Kusum. Kusum says she doesn’t have a clue when will she get her bahu.

Shiv takes Prakash to his home and acquaints him with his significant other. Prakash sees entire house cautiously and solicits cost from couch, vehicle, and so on. Shiv’s better half offers him milk espresso and dark espresso to Shiv. Prakash says even he beverages dark espresso. Shiv requests that house keeper bring dark espresso. Prakash acclaims Shiv’s prosperity with attractive activity, enormous house, extravagance vehicle, and so on.. Shiv’s child comes back from school and he acquaints child with Prakash, at that point demonstrates him house. Prakash sees Gunjan’s pic and asks who is she. Shiv says his little girl, and spouse says she has gone to Prakash’s zone Chawdi Bazaar to learn music.

Yogi sees Gunjan going in rickshaw and pursues her on his bike playing Tere Chehre Me Wo Jaadu Hai… tune.. Gunjan sees him and he grins at her. Another young lady smashes her scooty into his bike again and the two of them fall. Young lady claims Yogi for breaking her scooty and demands him to pay for her misfortunes. Group assembles. A man inquires as to whether the kid is disturbing her. She says not his issue to worry about and self-commends her magnificence. Yogi attempts to leave. She stops him. He talks in gesture based communication and says he is idiotic and hard of hearing and she slammed her scooty into his bike. Young lady stands quietly acknowledging he is idiotic and hard of hearing.

Prakash brags in front family that official was his school companion Shiv who took him to his home and acquainted him with his family, he has a child and a little girl. Kusum enthusiastically inquires as to whether he talked about Yogi’s partnership. Prakash says in what capacity can he as Yogi is hard of hearing and unable to speak.

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