Ishaaron Ishaaron Mein 19th September 2019 Written Episode Update

Ishaaron Ishaaron Mein 19th September 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Yogi’s sangeet ceremony starts. Bablu in his witty style announces Vivek will dance first. Vivek hesitates. Family insists and girls say Vivek cannot dance at all. Kamla says she will start dance and asks to play music. Family gets afraid hearing that. Rani asks to play music for Vivek. Yogi starts dance on Pura London Thumakda…song..and whole family joins him. Rani’s chacha records Khushi’s video. After song finishes, family asks Khushi to present her special dance. Khushi says she needs to change. Rani says her dress in her room. Khushi goes to change dress. Chacha follows her and records her changing dress. She looks at window after changing and is shocked to see Chacha peeping who says everyone are waiting for her downstairs. She asks him to go, she will come. He walks in and says he recorded her dancing video, she dances really well and he will ask Prakash to let her join dance.

Family’s drama continues downstairs, Dadaji says he will dance like Rajesh Kanna. Daadi taunts him that he will dislocate his bones. Yogi gets suspicious not finding Rani’s Chacha and walks up. He sees Chacha trying to molest Khushi. Khushi runs to him crying and hugs. Yogi holds Chacha’s collar and dragging him down throws him on floor and then trashes him. Family holds Yogi and Prakash shouts if he has gone mad. Yogi frees himself and trashes Chacha again. Rani’s parents ask Prakash to control his son as he is insulting chacha repeatedly. Khushi returns shattered. Rani walks to her, and Khushi cries hugging her. Khushi informs everything to Vivek, Vivek gets angry, but Rani stops him. Chacha alleges Yogi. Yogi signals him to get out of his house Prakash asks why should guest go. Rani’s mother says they didn’t come here get insulted and will go from here. Kusum pleads not to go and slaps Yogi. Prakash apologizes Chacha. Chacha says he was feeling chest pain, so he went up. Daadi asks if he is fine. Kabir tells Yogi that Chaha went up with chest pain. Yogi signals that Chacha went to Rani’s room and saw Khushi changing dress. Chacha acts and says Khushi is like his daughter and he cannot steep so low, he his chest and asks to take him to doctor. Prakash asks Pari to check Chacha, but Yogi stops him. Chacha insists Yogi to apologize him. Yogi denies. Dadaji says if Yogi doesn’t, he will. Bablu asks Yogi to apologize before dadaji does. Yogi stops Dadaji and helplessly walks towards Chacha. Rani stops Yogi and says he will not apologize.

Precap: Rani slaps Chacha. Shiv sees Gunjan happily looking at her mehandi and says its color will not last long.


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