Ishaaron Ishaaron Mein 1st October 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Shiv tells Gunjan and Seema that sometimes parents have to correct their mistake and change their decision and family has to support the decision; he realized Yogi is not right for Gunjan and they will not take Yogi’s name in this house hereon. Seema tries to console Gunjan. Gunjan signals that she is worried for Yogi’s family, don’t know what they are feeling. Seema says even she is feeling same. At Yogi’s house, family fumes saying Shiv shouldn’t have done this. Pari says they should question Shiv. Khushi angry shouts no need for that and panics. Gunjan calls Yogi’s phone. Khushi picks and shouts not to call them again. Family asks who is it. Khushi says Shiv Kumar Sharma’s daughter and disconnects call. Rani says she should have listened to her. Khushi says no need for that, she is worried for Yogi now. Yogi returns and family asks if he is fine. He signals he is. They ask him to rest and walk away.

Yogi cries reminiscing the time spent with Gunjan. Jag suna suna laage re…song.. plays in the background. He imagines Gunjan and questions her emotionally why did she break up with him. Pari shakes him and he realizes its her instead. She tries to console him and he signals her to get out of his room. She says once she leaves, he will start crying again, so she will not go; asks him to call Gunjan and find out how is she feelings. He signals he blocked Gunjan’s number. She insists him to call Gunjan right now. He calls, but Gunjan’s sound asleep. Shiv walks into her room and tries to pick phone when Seema walks in and asks him not to disturb Gunjan as she gave her sleeping pill and made her sleep with great difficulty. Shiv asks if she can forgive him for Gunjan’s sake. Seema says he not only betrayed Srivastav family but also her and gave deep wounds which will take a lot of time to heal.

Pari suggests Yogi to keep trying repeatedly until she replies. Shiv messages from Gunjan’s phone not to call her again. Yogi shatters again while Pari tries to console him. Kusum collapses and family shout in concern. Pari hears that and signalling Yogi rushes down and asks family to massage Kusum’s feet till she brings her first-aid box. Dadi says Kusum took Yogi’s alliance cancellation seriously. Kamla bua says she questioned Kusum what will happen to Yogi now. Dadaji scolds her and yells to go back to Kanpur. Vivek says he will call ambulance. Pari returns and says there is no need for that and revives Kusum. Kusum wakes up calling Yogi and cries hugging him. Family suggests to forget the bad event.

Precap: Seema calls Kusum who says Yogi is loudly saying no. Yogi dances with family to cheer them. Prakash slaps him.


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