Ishaaron Ishaaron Mein 22nd July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Gunjan does not talk. Her mom requests that her proceed to spruce up. Shiv’s child educates him that he took 500 rs from his wallet. Shiv says he gave pocket cash only 2 days back. Child says he spent it on science venture and didi’s frozen yogurt. Prakash reveals to Shiv that he felt exceptionally cheerful gathering him after quite a while and recollects how Dadaji kept running behind Shiv holding shoes and says Shiv got away, yet Dadaji even now admonishes him. Daadi gets stressed when Prakash does not return home even around evening time. Kabir and Vivek joke that Dadaji chided Prakash pleasantly, he got 60% stamps in Engineering however admonished them for getting 80% imprints, he couldn’t land even TT position. Daadi says only multi day before Prakash’s last test of the year, Dadaji got hospitalized and Prakash used to go through entire night serving dadaji and compose test in the first part of the day.

Dadaji says Prakash got full stamps serving him, he didn’t land TT position as his senior prescribed his own child and got Prakash’s name out of rundown; Prakash constantly attempted his best, yet life did not allow him to win. Prakash enters and gets enthusiastic hearing that. Family gets some information about his gathering. Prakash energetically advises that official was his cherished companion Shiv. Dadaji says he realized Shiv is more keen than Prakash. Prakash keeps portraying entire episode. Dadaji rehashes. Prakash proceeds with that Shiv took him to his Bungalow in Greater Kailash and acquainted him with his child and little girl. Kusum enthusiastically inquires as to whether talked about Yogi’s partnership. Prakash says no as Yogi is moronic and hard of hearing. Kusum gets miserable.

Yogi lying on his bed sees his hand damage and thinks back tumbling from bike, at that point grins thinking back Gunjan. Kusum strolls into Yogi’s room and seeing his hand damage applies drug on it. Yogi keeps envisioning Gunjan, however gets alarm envisioning Pari.

Pari at her level arranges gathering to her companions and appreciates lager. Companion breaks jokes and she answers in her lively style. Level proprietor rings chime. Pari requests that companions cover up and conceals brew and snacks under eating table. She opens entryway holding pooja thali and gets him in. He says he heard noisy music. She says it is his creative mind. He says guardians told numerous young ladies and young men came here. She says pizza conveyance kid and electrical technician had come to fix impede, paid 1000 rs. She startles him that neighbor halted somebody’s pooja and got loss of motion assault next morning. Proprietor goes to her pooja. She requests that he pay circuit tester’s 1000 rs. He pays her 800 rs and says he will give 200 rs later. When he leaves, she brags in front her companions that she plundered 800 rs from her proprietor. Pizza conveyance young men rings ringer next. She enthusiastically opens entryway. Proprietor strolls behind and reproves her for celebrating and making aggravation, cautions not to set up gathering once more. Pari vents out displeasure on poor pizza conveyance kid. Following day, Yogi takes Dadaji to medical clinic for checkup. Dadaji requests that he accomplish something and persuade specialist for early arrangement. Yogi peeps into specialist’s room and gets apprehensive considering Pari to be specialist.

Precap: Prakash illuminates family that his official companion Shiv proposed his little girl’s coalition with Yogi. Family cheers. Yogi signals Khushi that Gunjan is a similar young lady whom he pursues day by day. The two families meet. Yogi and Gunjan visit in communication through signing.


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