Ishaaron Ishaaron Mein 23rd July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Pari turns out and speaks with Dadaji. Dadaji inquires as to whether she is a specialist. She says yes. He inquires as to whether she can do his checkup as his primary care physician has not come at this point. She says his primary care physician is on leave. He demands then she ought to play out his general checkup. She approaches to sit tight for a moment and leaves. Yogi returns and strongly takes Dadaji from that point saying that woman specialist will separate his kidneys. Prakash is occupied with working in his hardware mechanics shop when Yogi’s companions stroll in supposing he isn’t at office and castigate about him. He indignantly turns and rebuffs them to remain close entryway holding their ears. They comply. Shiv strolls in and asks shop address.

Prakash without turning requests that he proceed to check with another person. Yogi’s companions back him. Shiv inquires as to whether this is same shop. Prakash acknowledges it is his shop address and turns, gets glad seeing Prakash and welcome him in requests Yogi’s companions to get tea and tidbits.. When they leave, he approaches Shiv purpose behind his coming. Dadaji appreciates kachoris and demands Yogi not to advise Dadi about it. Yogi signals he will educate Dadi. Dadaji says he will disclose to Prakash that Yogi was running behind a lady. Yogi sees flying dupatta in cycle rickshaw and supposing it as Gunjan’s keeps running behind it, yet quits seeing some other lady. Dadaji tails him and reproves that he is scanning a young lady for Yogi, however Yogi is running behind a more seasoned lady. Yogi takes steps to advise Dadi that he had kachori and demonstrates chutney recolor on Dadaji’s shirt. The two of them return home.

Dadi sees chutney recolor on shirt and chides Dadaji. Their nok jhok proceeds and they state they will separate from one another. Prakash enters and says he is considering marriage and his folks are considering divorce. Dadaji and Dadi inquire as to whether he needs second marriage and chasten him. Family show proceeds. Prakash advises that Shiv proposed his little girl Gunjan’s collusion with Yogi. Family gets energized and asks how is the young lady. Prakash demonstrates Gunjan’s photograph. Every relative energetically checks photograph and acclaims Gunjan’s magnificence and does not give Yogi a chance to check photograph. Yogi blows up and says he won’t wed this young lady. Khushi takes photograph to him and demands to check it once.

Precap: Yogi enthusiastically embraces Prakash for fixing Gunjan’s partnership with him. Prakash prepares and admonishes Kusum that they are getting late. Khushi advise him that Yogi isn’t at home. He yells where did Yogi go.


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