Ishaaron Ishaaron Mein 24th July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Prakash while preparing to rest asks Jusum to take a sweet box to see Shiv’s little girl and nothing else as Shiv is basic and does not put stock in customs. Yogi keeps running in and cheerfully embraces Prakash and flees. Prakash asks what befell him. Kusum says he is cheerful and said thanks to him. Yogi envisions hitting the dance floor with Gunjan on a sentimental melody. Prakash prepares and reprimands Kusum for being late. He calls Dadaji and inquires as to for what reason didn’t he prepare. Dadaji chides to have some tolerance. Kusum requests that Yogi unwind while she gets ready tea for him as it is just 4 p.m. what’s more, Shiv welcomed them at 7 p.m.

Prakash’s fits of rage proceed and he calls Yogi. Khushi advises that he isn’t at home. Prakash proceeds with Yogi with his companions goes to hairstyling salon for hair style, facial, and so forth. Yogi gives not insignificant rundown to hair stylist. Companions request that hair stylist make Yogi a legend as he is going to see a young lady. Hair stylist says then he will make bhai an attractive saint. Companions keep showing yogi how to carry on with young lady. After hair style and facial, Yogi returns home. Prakash reproves him and asks where had he been.

Kusum handles circumstance false applauding Prakash that he looks and talks like Shahrukh Khan/SRK. Yogi likewise backs him. Kusum sends Yogi to prepare and asks Prakash to imitate SRK. Prakash says I cherish you Kkkkk Kusum.. Dadaji and Daadi watch his mimicry from window. Prakash gets caution and strolls to Yogi’s room and seeing him unwinding applying multani mitti/soil facepack chastens him to prepare in 10 minutes. Kusum handles circumstance once more. Prakash allows him 15 minutes to prepare. Kusum takes Prakash away.

Yogi attempts every one of his shirts and discloses to Khushi she needs to look increasingly attractive. Khushi says he should focus on intriguing young lady by his great frame of mind than sitting idle on garments. Vivek in his room presses his shirt and is going to wear it when Yogi enters and wears it. Vivek demands to return it, however Rani handles circumstance. Yogi embeds and asks how is he looking. Vivek grins and says this shirt is fitting him well.

Precap: Prakash acclaims baked good and asks Shiv where is it from. Shiv says there is a clergyman’s child’s bread kitchen adjacent. Dadaji requests to bring Gunjan. Gunjan strolls in with her mom.


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