Ishaaron Ishaaron Mein 25th July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Khushi inquires as to why he wore Vivek bhai’s shirt. Yogi attempts his aromas, yet dislikes them. Kabir prepares and attempts to take selfie with his Nisha when Prakash yells to hustle just a bit. He picks aroma. Nisha gives him new scent. Yogi grabs it and oversprays it on himself in an ad style, signals Kabir that no one should utilize this fragrance today as it is his day, and leaves. Nisha asks what did he say. Kabir clarifies and grins.

Prakash fretfully rings family to rush as even taxi came. Yogi’s companions enter and demands to them along, however Prakash denies. Kusum handles circumstance. Prakash requests that they bring desserts from far away shop. They concur and ask cash. He requests to take it from their dad and sends them away. Family assembles. Prakash asks where is Yogi. Khushi brings Yogi. Yogi says as yet something is missing and focuses at Prakash’s tie.

Prakash denies to give it, however Dadaji compellingly takes it and offers it to Yogi. Yogi wears it and says let us go. Family achieves Shiv’s home and getting a charge out of each bite adulates its taste and ask where is it from. Shiv clarifies. Yogi eagerly flag Khushi to call Gunjan. Gunjan’s mom cuts her down. Yogi stands up observing her. Family additionally gets hypnotized with her magnificence. Prakash signals Yogi to sit. Kusum envisions Yogi and Gunjan’s wedding and asks Gunjan to sit by her and says she is extremely lovely. Yogi signals in the event that he can address Gunjan.

Shiv sends them to porch. The two of them sit on couch when Yogi’s companion calls him over and over and he disengages. Gunjan signals he is looking attractive in tie. Yogi says she additionally looks exceptionally excellent. Their discussion proceeds. Vivek asks Kabir what they should discuss. Kabir says don’t think about Gunjan, Yogi must talk parcel. Yogi signals Gunjan something and shows something in his portable. Gunjan blows up.

Precap: Family sees Gunjan furious and thinks even this union is gone, Yogi yell at any rate reassure her.


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