Ishaaron Ishaaron Mein 26th July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Shiv advises Prakash’s family that Gunjan lost her voice when she was 11 out of a mishap during their Egypt trip. Prakash says Gunjan can in any event hear, however Yogi can’t hear or talk and portray their youth trial. Dadi says Gunjan is a pretty young lady. Prakash says he previously informed that when he saw her first and chose she will be his bahu. Dadaji says their jodi is impeccable and the two of them have a long life.

Prakash inquires as to why this kid is taking so much time and asks Khushi to proceed to check. Khushi goes up and see Yogi and Gunjan visiting in gesture based communication and blending great and supposes they look flawless together. She message Vivek to come up. He says he has a call from office and will go to patio. Kabir goes with him. The two of them get glad seeing Yogi.

Rani and Khushi additionally go along with them. They see Yogi dazzling Gunjan imitating how he plays football. Gunjan inquires as to whether he pursues different young ladies additionally like he pursues her and stands irate. Khushi says even this collusion is no more. Rani requests to have persistence. Yogi signals he fell uniquely for her and pursued her. Kabir says Gunjan is attempting to discover truth Yogi’s eyes. Gunjan sibling strolls in and illuminates that Prakash is calling them. They all get strained and afterward state Yogi and Gunjan’s jodi is flawless.

Pari sees a patient pitching fits to get infusion and solicitation him to get infusion soon with the goal that she can achieve home soon through metro and afterward go to night club and gathering. Patient says he will gripe against her. Dramatization proceeds. Pari says they gave wrong prescription and in the event that he isn’t infused, he ought to be worked. Quiet worriedly concurs for infusion. Pari’s companion chides her for terrifying patient. Pari’s show proceeds.

Shiv’s family serves supper to Yogi’s family. They appreciate it luxuriously. Prakash inquires as to whether they have not completed at this point. He apprehensively says they wrapped up. Shiv reveals to Prakash he will get him decent frozen yogurt. Dadaji requests that worker bring frozen yogurt soon. Dadi attempts to stop him futile. Yogi keeps eating. Gunjan’s sibling signals on the off chance that he is having entire month’s sustenance, he is eating excessively. Gunjan stops her sibling and sign Yogi to keep eating.

Precap: Family asks Kusum her sentiment with respect to Gunjan, Kusum begins crying. Family gets concerned and Khushi inquires as to whether Gunjan’s mom revealed to her anything.


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