Ishaaron Ishaaron Mein 26th September 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Dadaji gets angry on family when they comment on him. Kabir asks him to relax as he is getting wrinkles. Dadaji picks stick and beats whole family. Kusum requests him to calm down and makes him sit. Prakash asks Bablu to get band wala soon. Moin asks what about mini bus. Dadaji orders to get bigger bus. Kamla bua asks him to calm down as she will wear Kusum’s given dress. Kusum says she will change her dress. Kamla praises Kusum and asks where is Yogi. Kusum says he is still sleeping. Prakash angrily walks to Yogi’s room and wakes him up. Yogi wakes up and picks his sherwani. Prakash apologizes for sherwani issue. Yogi signals its okay. They share emotional moment. Prakash walks away asking him to get ready soon. Surjith and Bablu go to band wala and reminds him to be on time. Band wala says Yogi is his friend and he will be on time. Kabir and Vivek go to check on decoration and horse and inform owner that his decoration wasn’t good. Owner says he has sent his boy again. They ask about out horse. Their drama continues. They both say its happening because of Prakash’s cunning nature. Owner assures them to send a good horse.

Daadi complains Kusum and Khushi that Dadaj is sitting on terrace applying hair dye on his moustache. Nisha says dadaji will good handsome. Daadi shows Rani’s mother’s gifted sari and says she doesn’t want to wear it, but Rani will feel bad. Rani walks in and tears Sari. Kusum, Nisha, and Daadi console her. Prakash walks in and says Dadaji is on terrace with face pack and dye, he will get ready before Dadaji and asks to give his kurta. Nisha gives him kurta and they all walk out. Prakash wears kurta. Yogi walks in wearing sherwani. Prakash says he is looking very handsome. Yogi signal shim to wear his sherwani. Prakash agrees and asks him to stand beside him to make dadaji jealous. Shiv calls him and insists to meet him. He says they are meeting in 1 hour and he will take away his daughter-in-law cum daughter Gunjan home. Shiv insists to meet him right now.

Pari is busy chatting over phone with her friend and informs about Yogi’s wedding, friend requests to take her along, and she says she cannot gate crash her friends. She then hears door knock and opens it. Yogi falls on her and they both fall on ground. He gets up and signals how is he looking. She thinks he is praising her and asks if she is looking beautiful. He signals yes, but not more than Gunjan as Gunjan is the most beautiful girl. Pari says she is happy for him. He signals her to come down soon and leaves.

Prakash meets Shiv and asks why did he call him, he came here running. Shiv asks what he can do for Yogi. Prakash says a lot. Shiv says even he can do anything for Gunjan and can even sacrifice anything.

Precap: Prakash asks Shiv to be specific. Shiv cancels Yogi and Gunjan’s alliance. Prakash returns home and shouts at his family to stop their dance.


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