Ishaaron Ishaaron Mein 27th September 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Shiv tells Prakash that Gunjan’s happiness matters him most. Prakash says he knows as he saw how he scolded Yogi, even he and Kusum didn’t mind, else Kusum fights with whole locality for Yogi, he will treat Gunjan as his daughter and scold her like he scolds Rani, Nisha, and Khushi; Vivek sings to cheer up Rani and Rani says papaji’s scolding is better than Vivek’s singing. Shiv says Yogi cannot sing. Prakash asks what does he mean. Shiv says he will bring him coffee and walks away. At home, Bablu and Surjith try to handle baratis. Vivek returns and says another 40 people are standing near bus and saying they are invited. Dadaji nervously says he invited neighbors. Vivek says he has invited vegetable vendor, rickshaw wala, ironman, etc. Kabir asks him to deny their invitation. Dadaji warns not to do that. Bablu and Surjith take Dadaji aside while Vivek walks out to send uninvited guests away.

Shiv offers black to Prakash. Prakash says he will leave as he has to bring baraat. Shiv says he has not finished his talk yet and says he knows Prakash loves Gunjan a lot as a daughter and he should tell first how he felt when he realized about Yogi’s dumb and deaf nature. Prakash emotionally describes. Shiv says Gunjan could sing when she was a 2 years old, but Yogi cannot sing or say I love you to Gunjan. Prakash asks him to be specific.

At home, family drama continues. Kamla bua praises Pari’s beauty and says he will make her as her bahu. Rani, Nisha, and Khushi remind her that Pari is Bengali. Kamla says if she was not Bengali, she would have made her bahu and applies her nazar teeka with her kajal. Rani and Khushi trick her and make her apply kajal on Pari’s cheeks, nose, forehead, etc. Bablu and Surjith bring bajawalas and dance with baratis. Yogi gets ready as groom and signals Kusum how is he looking. Kusum emotionally cries. Vivek asks her to cry now and not in front of baraat. Daadi asks where is Prakash. Khushi says papa scolds them to get ready soon. They all walk and enjoy Dadaji’s dance with baratis. Dadaji asks if Prakash returned. Kusum asks Vivek to call Shiv and find out if Prakash left.

Prakash returns and shouts to stop the music. Bablu asks him to join them. Even Moin asks him to dance. Prakash shouts again angrily to stop the music. Dadaji asks what happened. Prakash walks in silently. Family walks behind and asks what happened. Dadaji asks why did he overreact if asked to dance. Bablu apologizes. Kabir says what will they do if they don’t dance in wedding. Prakash roll down Prakash’s cheeks and he scolds bajawalas to go from there. Kusum asks what happened to him, let us start rituals. Prakash says Baraat will not go anywhere as this wedding is cancelled.

Precap: Gunjan messages Yogi not to call him back as they don’t have any relationship left. Yogi meets Gunjan and questions him.


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