Ishaaron Ishaaron Mein 29th July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Dadaji reveals to Dadiji that he recollected his days when he came to see her first time. She asks then for what reason didn’t he answer for 2 days. He says his dad postponed it. She inquires as to whether another person would have chosen her in the middle. He says he would have advised these exchanges to another person. Prakash goes by and asks Dadi to approach Dadaji for what reason he had such huge numbers of desserts. Dadi chastens Dadaji. Entire family says they loved Gunjan a great deal, Yogi and Gunjan are made for one another.

Kusum begins crying. Family gets concerned. Rani inquires as to whether Gunjan’s mom said something. Khushi says Gunjan’s mom loved Yogi a great deal and Shiv offered him shagun cash. Prakash requests that Yogi offer cash to his mom for wedding costs. Family asks him to check for what valid reason Kusum is crying. Kusum says they are tears of satisfaction, a last her Yogi got a young lady. Yogi begins moving. Family goes along with him and inquires as to whether they should fix his wedding soon. He cheerfully bounces on Kabir.

Gunjan likewise cheerfully moves. Her sibling says he didn’t care for desi Messi/Yogi. She reproves him to quiet down. Her folks see her moving cheerfully. Sibling says she generally has high ground, she can hear in any event, Yogi can’t hear or talk. Shiv gets miserable hearing that and asks his significant other wouldn’t he be able to get a typical life for Gunjan, only one imperfection is making him take such an impulsive choice. Spouse says Gunjan is cheerful and Yogi cherishes Gunjan and will keep her glad consistently, he knows his companion Prakash well and they will have high grounds consistently. Shiv concurs.

Yogi lays on his bed recalling Gunjan. His companions enter and beat him for going to see young lady without them. Kabir and Vivek stop them. They gripe that he went to see young lady without them, they purchased new garments and showered an entire container of fragrance, and so on.. Kabir inquires as to for what reason didn’t they come. They state Prakash uncle deceived and sent them to get desserts. Yogi signal what he could have done when dad did not have any desire to take them. Vivek says let us celebrate with brew. They leave house looking for bar. Companions state they will get lager for Yogi moreover. Vivek and Kabir reprimand them, however then concur. Yogi says he is intoxicated in affection. They all insult him. Vivek conflicts with an intensely intoxicated man who recognizes him as child and asks till when he will be furious on his dad.

Precap: Prakash chides Yogi that a young lady told she is his better half. Yogi and Gunjan go for shopping. Pari raams her bike on Dadaji.


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