Ishaaron Ishaaron Mein 2nd August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Kusum asks what is he doing here and says her Yogi sneaked off from her hands. Suman says even her Gunjan. Kusum requests that Yogi convey packs as they are worn out and still need to shop a great deal. Yogi hands over sacks to Gunjan’s sibling and hits his bum while sibling shouts.

Shiv brings pandit to Prakash’s home to check Gunjan and discover wedding muhurath. Family show proceeds. Pandit says kundalis coordinate. They all praise one another and convey desserts. Kusum requests to fix wedding date soon. Pandit says there is an obstacle in wedding. Dadaji goes to market to repurchase vegetables and strolls towards home when Pari talking over telephone rides scooty over Dadaji. Dadaji tumbles down. Individuals assemble and tongue lash her for riding scooty while on telephone and slamming it on elderly person. Pari begins her typical dramatization says elderly person is her dadaji and she is looking through him since long.

Individuals inquires as to whether he is dadaji. He says indeed, however he isn’t this present young lady’s dadaji. Pari says he got retrograde amensia and overlooks things, she will take him to medical clinic. Individuals strongly make Dadaji sit in scooty and sends him with Pari.

At home, Kusum begins her show and cries when panditji says there is an obstacle in wedding and says she will go to sanctuary barefooted and her entire family won’t eat nonveg, asks bahus to discard eggs. Prakash stops them and says she can begin her quick from tomorrow. Dadi says Shiv is watching them. Pandit says he said obstacle are there, however did not say wedding won’t occur; wedding will happen even after numerous obstacles. Pari brings dadaji home. Prakash recognizes her as young lady who lied she is Yogi’s better half, and dadaji she made his mishap. Pari begins her dramatization.

Yogi look Gunjan in companion book application. His companions help him discover her profile. Gunjan is going to information exchange in companion book when her sibling Gautam gets her and whines guardians. Shiv says he doesn’t need Gunjan to fall into this till his wedding as they got this union with incredible trouble. Gunjan gets tragic and reproves her sibling. Yogi’s companions discover Gunjan’s profile, yet demand not to send demand until she sends or sit tight for 2-3 days.

Precap: Pari with her dramatization persuades Dadaji to give her stay access their home and Dadaji gives her Yogi’s room.


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