Ishaaron Ishaaron Mein 2nd August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Yogi receives angry while Gunjan’s profile disappears on friend book. He scolds his friends and buddies express regret him. He then gets Khushi’s message that Dadaji met with an coincidence and rushes closer to home. At home, Pari clothes Dadaji’s wound. Kusum asks if she is a nurse. Pari says she is intern medical doctor. Yogi enters and receives more indignant seeing Pari and says he will record police criticism, signals Prakash that she is the only who rammed her scooty the alternative day and insists to call police. Pari pleads now not to and cries that she changed into speaking over cellphone along with her mom and turned into crying whilst she by mistake rammed scooty on Dadaji. Kusum also starts offevolved crying emotionally. Pari persevering with to fool harmless own family and they ask her to depart. She walks close to door and seeing her baggage lacking from her scooty and starts yelling in Bengali. own family asks what’s she pronouncing. She takes them out and says her bags is lacking in the front of their residence and she or he will record police complaint. pals collect and certainly one of them asks in the event that they determined girl for Yogi. family says no. Pari clicks pix and says she goes to police station. own family takes her in and closes door.

Gunjan keeps her disappointment after her father orders not to apply pal e-book. Her brother Gautam tries to cheer her up and says she can use pal e book with out informing parents. Suman brings ras malai for Gunjan. Gautam takes it and says he will eat it as didi is indignant and acting as consuming offers it to Gunjan. Gunjan turns her face. Suman says Prakash sent it and maybe Yogi introduced it. Gautam says it’s far Chawdibazaar’s cheap sweet and badmouths about Yogi. Suman consoles Gunjan. Gunjan eats ras malai and smiles.

At Yogi’s residence, Pari keeps her emotional blackmail along with her stressful drama. circle of relatives dumbly falls for her lies. Dadaji says she will live in Yogi’s room. Yogi asks where will he live and remind howmuch she lied and fooled them. Dadaji says she can not live then. Pari cries that she stored Yogi from mob that day. Kusum falls for her lies once more. Khushi says they can’t maintain a stranger at domestic, who is aware of she is a terrorist. Pari says she is a doctor and has files to prove it. Dadaji convinces Prakash to permit her live of their house pronouncing she will be able to deal with whole family without spending a dime. circle of relatives is of the same opinion to permit her live of their home.

Precap: Yogi takes flowers for Gunjan. Gunjan runs inside seeing Prakash’s automobile. Yogi turns and falls down. Pari noticing that smirks.


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