Ishaaron Ishaaron Mein 2nd October 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Srivastav family support each other after Shiv cancels Yogi and Gunjan’s wedding. Seema watches Srivastav family’s prewedding video where they express their views regarding Yogi. Gautam walks to her and asks if she is fine. She says yes and asks if he didn’t go with papa. Gautam says he is against papa and asks why don’t she speak to Srivastav family and console them, we can take Gunjan and get her married to Yogi against Shiv’s wish for Gunjan’s happiness. Seema calls Kusum. Dadaji asks whose call it is. Kusum says Seema’s. Daadi asks to pick it. Kusum picks calls, and Seema apologizes her and requests her to let her speak to Yogi once. Kusum says there is nothing left to speak and even Yogi is saying no, she can sense it with his silence.

Seema continues pleading while Kusum disconnects call saying Shiv ended this alliance and she should never call back again. Prakash says it is all his mistake and he shouldn’t have fall for Shiv’s buttery talks. Dadaji asks not to blame himself as he thought family’s betterment.
Moin enjoys tea in tea shop when tea vendor badmouths about Srivastavs. He scolds vendor it is not Srivastav family’s mistake. Bablu and Surjith pass by and even they scold vendor. Moin asks to go and support Yogi and don’t bother about people. They hear daadi singing and vendor starts commenting again. Bablu and Surjith scold him that they are trying to forget their pain with antakashari and that is the beauty of their friend Yogi who tries to keep his family happy at any situation. They try to rush to join them, but Moin stops them and says let Srivastavs fight their pain themselves.

Srivastavs continue their antakshari. Yogi gives dhol to Pari and asks her to play it. Dadaji sings a song followed by Kabir, Vivek, Kusum, etc. They insist Prakash to sing and he sings a sad song. Pari also sings a song. Yogi signals Prakash to sing again. Prakash says he cannot remember any. Dadaji says Yogi that his father failed. Prakash says he really failed in his life. Family consoles him. Bablu and Surjith watching from window sing song. Prakash walks towards his room. Yogi dances with family and drags Prakash. Prakash slaps him and scolds that his life has shattered, but he is busy dancing and joking. Yogi mimics SRK’s signature style and signals Prakash to smile. Prakash emotionally hugs him.

Precap: Chauhan tells Shiv and Seema that they did right by breaking alliance, they can finalize Gunjan and Roshan’s alliance now. Seema warns him to get out and slaps him. Pari searches Yogi and finds him crying loudly.


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