Ishaaron Ishaaron Mein 5th August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Pari argues not to and cries that she was talking over telephone with her mom and was crying when she unintentionally smashed scooty on Dadaji. Kusum likewise begins crying inwardly. Pari proceeding to trick blameless family and they request that her leave. She strolls close entryway and seeing her gear missing from her scooty and begins shouting in Bengali.

Family asks what is she saying. She takes them out and says her gear is missing before their home and she will document police grumbling. Neighbors assemble and one of them approaches on the off chance that they discovered young lady for Yogi. Family says no. Pari clicks pics and says she is going to police headquarters. Family takes her in and closes entryway.

Gunjan proceeds with her bitterness after her dad orders not to utilize companion book. Her sibling Gautam attempts to brighten her up and says she can utilize companion book without advising guardians. Suman brings ras malai for Gunjan. Gautam takes it and says he will eat it as didi is irate and going about as eating offers it to Gunjan. Gunjan turns her face. Suman says Prakash sent it and possibly Yogi brought it. Gautam says it is Chawdibazaar’s shoddy sweet and castigates about Yogi. Suman reassures Gunjan. Gunjan eats ras malai and grins.

Pari proceeds with her enthusiastic coercion with her disturbing dramatization. Family stupidly succumbs to her falsehoods. Dadaji says she can remain in Yogi’s room. Yogi asks where will he remain and remind howmuch she lied and tricked them. Dadaji says she can’t remain at that point. Pari cries that she spared Yogi from crowd that day. Kusum succumbs to her untruths once more. Khushi says they can’t keep an outsider at home, who realizes she is a fear based oppressor. Pari says she is a specialist and has archives to demonstrate it. Dadaji persuades Prakash to give her stay access their home saying she will treat entire family for nothing. Family consents to give her stay access their home.

Precap: Yogi takes blooms for Gunjan. Gunjan keeps running inside observing Prakash’s vehicle. Yogi turns and tumbles down. Pari seeing that grins.


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